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2K Sports has just officially confirmed a workaround for MLB 2K10 online ranked games.

"Okay, the first day I obtained the game, I did not have this problem that other users have reported. However, come the next day, the problem happened to me. In fact, it transferred over to NBA for some reason, and I couldn't play that game online either. It did it to me over 20 times in a row, so I kept trying to study the cause, and since I have found this very easy workaround, the result has been 100 percent when connecting.

"Workaround One" Most Effective

When attempting to connect, make sure it connects to the first attempt the game tries. If it moves to another connection, then simply cancel and try again. This may take a little bit longer (about 2 minutes) than connecting via workaround two.

"Workaround Two" Effective

When you select a ranked game, it will say "loading online roster" and then "restoring default roster" and move on to connect to a player. However, after it attempts to connect to another user afterwords, it will sometimes say "restoring default roster" a second time. If you see the "restoring default roster" a second time, then the glitch will happen. Simply press "A" to cancel the connection and try a ranked game again.

You should only see the game say "restoring default roster" once. Anymore than one time will cause the glitch."

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# 1 DaveDQ @ 03/05/10 07:14 AM
Thanks for this. It appears 2K just can't nail the roster connectivity aspect of these games. Is this something that effects leagues too? Anyone know about that? Thanks.
# 2 DontHateOnNumber2 @ 03/05/10 11:43 PM
This is killing me. The wait. I need people on my friends list to get 2K10. This is ridiculous. :/
# 3 poddedpeas @ 04/05/10 12:15 AM
well, I have been in two drafts the past two nights. >3 hours each, and the system freezes up when trying to enter the league after the draft. What a waste of time.

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