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Gamespot has posted their updated impressions of EA Sports MMA.

"EA Sports MMA will use a system called total strike control, a modified version of the right-stick focused controls found in Fight Night Round 4. Players will use the right stick for all strikes, with different stick movements resulting in different attacks (flicking down and up, for example, will make your fighter attempt his version of a roundhouse). Holding down the left bumper will modify the attacks to become leg moves, while moves will also change depending on the distance your fighter is away from his opponent. If youíre not a fan of the right stick, then EA still has you covered: All of these moves can also be assigned to your controllerís face buttons.

While EA let out some details about standing attacks, it still didnít unveil the control scheme for defense, clinches, or ground moves. One thing EA reps did confirm, however, is that a controllerís rumble functionality will be used when fighters are grappling on the ground. When on the mat, rumbling will indicate that your opponent is trying to move position, giving you a tactile indication of what your opponent is planning and allowing you to perform a countermove should your skills permit."

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# 1 Pappy Knuckles @ 03/10/10 04:19 PM
The rumble sounds interesting. Not a fan of the shine at all, so I'm down for something different. Stick striking all day! Glad they have the buttons though because I know how some guys get about not being able to use it.
# 2 JoeMimic @ 03/12/10 06:47 AM
They need to come up with some kind of special system for striking with Nick Diaz. Each stick controls a hand so you can paw and jab and taunt LoL

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