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VGChartz has posted an interview with Randy Chase, Product Marketing Manager for EA Sports MMA.

VGChartz: "What is the most unexpected feature in the game? Of course you'l be able to fight, enter tournaments, and so on Whats unique about the game?"

Randy: "We have some innovation stories we have yet to tell. Those will be told down the road. There is good innovation, online, how we are pushing our career modes, and more that we'll talk about more later, but core gameplay itself is what we are most proud of. We were able to recreate the sport and do it in a way that is intuitive. It's not like any other fighting game. We are truly revolutionizing fighting genre of video games. If you think of MMA as a sport and pick up the controls, it completely makes sense. You strategize how you fight.

How we recreated the fighters is amazing. They are more than a collection of moves and styles. Nick Diaz is a Jiu Jitsu fighter, but he doesn't fight like a Jiu Jitsu fighter, he fights like Nick Diaz. We have seven other Jui Jitsu fighters in the game and they fight in the game like they fight in the real world.

We have fighters come into the studio and they watch the game in action. Sometimes, they forget they are watching a video game, and its like they are watching a real fight. The movements of the game are so fluid."

They have also posted their preview of the game, here.

"Regarding gameplay, every fighter has their own style. If the fighter is known to have a known martial arts style in the real world, that will be reflected in the game with his stance and how he guards himself during a fight (a boxer usually holds his fists guarding his face, for instance). The fighters are also aware of where the other fighter is positioned in the ring. So if you are across the ring from your opponent, the fighters will not have their arms up and ready to take a shot.

Also, EA Sports MMA has decided to use a system they've named total strike control, which is a modified version of the right-stick controls you've come to know from Fight Night Round 4. You can use the right stick for all strikes depending on the direction you move the stick. If you want to use another method of control, all of these moves can also be mapped to your controllerís face buttons.

Shots to the gut will take the wind out of any fighter and missed blows will wind you very quickly in a fight. EA Sports has been getting a ton of feedback from fighters to try and make the experience as close to a real fight as possible."

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# 1 JoeMimic @ 03/12/10 04:46 AM
Also, realize there are no dice rolls or game decides. If you go for a big blow and you leave your chin vulnerable, you're going to get knocked out. EA Sports has taken great time to ensure that strategy and timing are reflected in controls and the game.
That sounds like it could be trouble, not everyone gets knocked out when they go for a big shot and take one on the chin. Hopefully it's not overdone.
# 2 Phobia @ 03/12/10 09:19 AM
Originally Posted by JoeMimic
That sounds like it could be trouble, not everyone gets knocked out when they go for a big shot and take one on the chin. Hopefully it's not overdone.
Yea I agree, I have a feeling this is going to end just like Fight Night Rd 4. Stellar game that falls flat do to lack of realism. I don't want to play rockem sockem MMA.

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