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We have just posted some more EA Sports MMA screenshots.

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# 1 aholbert32 @ 03/12/10 09:26 AM
Nice shots. One place that EA has THQ beat right now is ring entrances and multiple distinctive arenas.
# 2 JoeMimic @ 03/12/10 10:48 AM
Originally Posted by aholbert32
Nice shots. One place that EA has THQ beat right now is ring entrances and multiple distinctive arenas.
I agree but I still think UFC has the edge with casual gamers who could care less if it's a ring or a cage. I'm interested to see how they implement stomps and or soccer kicks I don't remember if it only has one or both in the Japanese rules. If the game is good gameplay wise and it has a good create a fighter you could be recreating a ton of PRIDE action which is always cool.
# 3 Stumbleweed @ 03/12/10 10:56 AM
This one looked the best to me by a mile:

# 4 JoeMimic @ 03/12/10 11:33 AM
I don't remember Monson having that bull tattoo but then again the last time I really saw him fight was in the UFC. I saw the Rizzo fight online but I don't remember that tattoo. EA will always have good graphics, hopefully the gameplay is up to par as well. I'm rooting for both games to be good, competition is good for everyone.
# 5 Scoop_Brady @ 03/12/10 02:06 PM
Here you go Joe:

Game's looking good to me. It will be nice to fight with the Strikeforce fighters and hopefully DREAM and Sengoku.
# 6 aholbert32 @ 03/12/10 02:16 PM
I'm an MMA fan so you know I'm buying both. Looking forward to fighting in the white Dream cage.
# 7 Gotmadskillzson @ 03/12/10 06:17 PM
I just want to play as Monsoon and start subbing people left and right with him LOL. I remember in every UFC game, I always created him LOL.
# 8 youngfaze01 @ 03/14/10 07:41 AM
If all games' graphics could look like this...
# 9 andy112382 @ 03/14/10 09:17 PM
Ok, the screenshot posted in the comments looks fantastic, the ones in the slideshow.....not-so-much. I would have to see more consistency in the pics and some videos before ranking it with UFC 2009 or 2010.....so far I am still sticking with UFC.

The entrances are cool the first few times around, but really don't care too much about them, anyone who watches UFC would know that the entrances, aside from maybe liking someones music, aren't all grand like a WWE/TNA wrestling entrance, doesn't need to be....maybe seeing Diego Sanchez and his trademark march to the ring w/ staredown practically the entire way would be neat.
# 10 Pappy Knuckles @ 03/15/10 06:00 AM
Good looking pictures to me. Glad this isn't releasing the same day as UFC. A lot of people would skip this altogether if they went that route. I look forward to fighting in the ring and cage.

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