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If you're an HTML guru and looking to build up your resume and/or make this community even stronger, please contact me. We are looking to add additional content to the site, that our readers will utilize.

You will be compensated. For more information about this opportunity, please PM me.

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# 1 alex96 @ 03/16/10 06:51 AM
Oh yeah, you were asking me about this. I'll see if I COULD possible try it out.
# 2 LingeringRegime @ 03/16/10 08:01 PM
If this happens to be associated with how to make Dynasties nicer, I am all for it. I was feeling a little bit of jealousy on how good some of the dynasties looked, and how bland mine are.
# 3 Speedy @ 03/17/10 01:28 PM

# 4 The GIGGAS @ 03/17/10 01:31 PM
# 5 PantherBeast_OS @ 03/27/10 01:10 PM
I almost have me degree in web design.But I have not taken any courses like that for about 5 years now. I have forgot how to do alot of the stuff. But I am soon going to go back and finsh my degree up. So Steve as soon as I get myself back up to date on the coding and all I will PM you and let you know. I might be better off doing a self teaching course while I'm not in school to refresh myself on the coding and all. I would love to be a big help to OS. But at this point I have forget most of the stuff I learned in my courses. Like the old saying goes, you don't use it you lose it. I lost it. But again steve like I said. Once I retrain myself and build some example webpages to help myself remember I will try and send them to you.

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