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CVG has posted a 2 part interview with Paul Jeal, Senior Producer of F1 2010.

F1 2010 Interview: Part 1

CVG: "You said you have the "most advanced weather system of any racing game". Can you elaborate?"

Paul: "Yeah, that's fundamentally down to the fact that it doesn't just look good. There is a lot of under-the-hood stuff that's going on. The track system on a big course like Spa knows how grippy or how wet it is for every 30cm square of the track. It knows not just that it's wet but how much water's there. It knows what tyres you've got - if you're on the full-wet tyres they disperse something like 300 litres of water per second [it's actually around 80 litres per second according to Internet research - Ed].

So they will physically drive that water from the track. If you go over the same piece of track on intermediates, you won't clear as much water, so you won't see as much of a drying line.

Depending on where the track is, how fast the cars are going and whether there's any overhanging trees, that all affects how quickly the track dries. Even things like how high the track is from sea level and ambient air temperature. It's proper sim stuff. I nicknamed it the National Geographic when I first read the game design docs. We've spared no expense on that."

F1 2010 Interview: Part 2

CVG: "When you say 'eye-type devices' you mean you're toying with Natal and PlayStation Eye..."

Paul: "Natal, not at this stage. We did look at it at one stage, but I think if we were going to do it we'd like to do it properly. But for 2010 there were too many ideas in the pool, and I don't think we could have done the tech justice. And tech like Natal, I think you can do some subtle things like head tracking but there's bigger wins to be had with that.

PS Eye we've not really looked at so, at them moment we've got what works in Dirt 2 - we've got a device on PC called the IR Tracker. It's actually quite difficult to look left and right whilst racing - it's counter-intuitive to turn your head away from the thing you want to look at so I'm reserving judgement on those things at the moment."

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# 1 mikko1995 @ 03/21/10 12:20 AM
Interesting interviews. Thanks for showing them.
# 2 RunRunPass @ 03/21/10 11:07 AM
Does anyone know when this is going to be released?
# 3 mikko1995 @ 03/21/10 11:38 AM
Originally Posted by RunRunPass
Does anyone know when this is going to be released?
It will be released in fall.

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