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# 1 thedude213 @ 03/21/10 04:05 PM
Nice. Thanks for this, checking it out now.
# 2 canes21 @ 03/21/10 04:27 PM
Thanked you at the others and I'll thank you here too. My favorite play out of all that was the split screen interception where the safety caught it behind the receiver. Reminds me of Sean Taylor.
# 3 canes21 @ 03/21/10 05:08 PM
We may not have to wait that long. If this game allows file sharing, we'll see an NFL roster set with the logos and everything within a week of the games release. I know I'll most likely just play Road to Backbreaker while the 'pros' make Backbreaker NFL.
# 4 Pete1210 @ 03/21/10 06:37 PM
The passing plays looked good. The running plays looked like they were missing the run blocking. The ball carrier was out in front pretty quick.
Still the video got me a little interested now. I hope there's a demo.
# 5 SouthernBrick @ 03/21/10 08:41 PM
Nothing important or big but, Its nice to see some orange flags on the on the field goals. As long as they move depending on how fast the wind is blowing and which direction Its all good.

Nice vid. Going to have to fav this one on youtube. That way I don't have to watch to many different vids to see certain things I want to watch.

Hoping to see some new footage will come out soon. I'm thinking in about a another week or two we'll see or at least hear some new things about BB.
# 6 eckology @ 03/21/10 09:33 PM
Some of those tackles around the defensive sequence when the music cutt out looked sweet, especially the ones where defenders where getting tangled up with their own guys and ended up nailing eachother instead of the ballcarrier because his momentum had stopped already.

I'm sold.
# 7 Valdarez @ 03/21/10 09:39 PM
I'm just not sold on the new camera angle, especially on defense. First, the goal is to move the camera angle lower so it's more realistic, but then they have to add a glowing body just so you can tell what's going on. Why not just put you in a first person view at that point? I'd rather have the camera moved up just a little and back just a little so you can better enjoy all of the action and there's no need for the glowing runner when you're playing defense.
# 8 canes21 @ 03/21/10 09:53 PM
The glowing runner can be turned off just like any other assist. You can have play art stay on the field, have the ball glow, your player glow, the ball carrier glow, your man glow, etc. Or you can have no glowing occur ever and have it look just like you are on the field. Or you could have some things turned on like the ball glow and have others off like permanent play art, ball carrier glow, etc.
# 9 SaintsNATION32 @ 03/22/10 12:03 AM
if ya oldschool this kinda reminds me of superplayaction football on steroids!!!
# 10 SaintsNATION32 @ 03/22/10 12:12 AM
its a new and fresh animation....from the boring outdated madden animations,give it a nfl license and it will be worth buying imo,but for now its rentable if ya just wanna play something different from madden.
# 11 yardz23 @ 03/22/10 12:20 AM
I know there are a lot of players on the fence about this game, and thats fine. After watching these videos, i know there will be a lot of 'buyers' who are currently 'renters' and the moment.

This is going to have some seriously addicting gameplay, especially when you can change the outcome of everything with such striking detail.
# 12 SaintsNATION32 @ 03/22/10 12:21 AM
but i must say i wish madden had those type of player animations....wit the graphics thats in madden...if madden10 had those animations awesome game, all EA has to do is bring its product in modern times....wit that said M10 is the best madden game i ever played,but everyone knows that espn 2k5 is the best nfl simulated football game of all time....period!!! that game still blows me away.
# 13 LingeringRegime @ 03/22/10 01:01 AM
I hope that they fixed 1:30-1:32. Otherwise, everything else looked good to me. I am getting amped.
# 14 dmick4324 @ 03/22/10 11:01 AM
Playing defense seems like it's going to be awesome. I just want to be a ball hawk safety. Then it will be awesome to plug a hole as a MLB and lay ferocious hits on receivers running those dink routes across the middle.
# 15 JayBee74 @ 03/22/10 11:37 AM
Looked good-not sure about how the defense camera works. On one play the strong side linebacker was being controlled and the pass went to the flat area on the opposite side. The camera angle kept the SAM's perspective so you saw the flat pass roughly 35 yards away (approximation based on a 53 yard wide NFL field). It's possible the gamer didn't switch to the closest man as his focus was on controlling the LB.
# 16 CreatineKasey @ 03/22/10 12:08 PM
Good video. The more I see the more I begin to accept stuff that isn't there and instead see what new things this offers. It still has the potential to be a very fun game.
# 17 DaveDQ @ 03/22/10 12:18 PM
For a first attempt at a football game, this game looks good. There seems to be a dullness in the presentation department. Some of the player chatter is very repetitive. We may never see the same tackle twice, but the player chatter we'll hear over and over again.

I like it though. You can't knock what you see here for a first effort.
# 18 NINJAK2 @ 03/22/10 12:41 PM
For those expecting this game to get the NFL License eventually I wouldn't hold your breath. Madden has been the top selling nfl game for nearly 20 years. The NFL has no reason to sell the license to someone else unless someone doubles or triples the billion dollars EA initially paid. Not many companies can afford to pay that outside of EA and EA won't allow their cash cow to go away. Your only hope would be for EA to hand over development of the franchise to the backbreaker devs. I am intrigued by this title. Hopefully it can get alot of football details right.
# 19 kbigmike2121 @ 03/22/10 12:54 PM
Is there not going to be any players on the sidelines? If not, it's not a game killer for me, just feels kind of empty though.
# 20 djordan @ 03/22/10 01:38 PM
This game just doesn't look fun. Repetitive catching animations, non breakable tackles, same phrases "RUN RUN RUNN!!!!, PASS PASS!!!!", and annoying camera...

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