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It seems EA is planning on charging people for a glorified game demo. This according to Kotaku.

"One of Electronic Arts strategies will be to release what they call "premium downloadable content" on the Playstation Network and Xbox Live for $10 to $15 and then later release the full game for a full price, EA Group General Manager Nick Earl told Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter during the recent meeting."

Check out the poll, how much would you pay for a demo?

*Update: Source: Joystiq.

"EA's Jeff Brown explained the PDLC concept to us in more detail this afternoon, saying:

"EA is working on a number of projects for delivering premium content to consumers before, during, and after the launch of a packaged-goods version of the game. EA SPORTS, EA Games and EA Play are each experimenting with download strategies that deliver fresh game content in formats players want to experience. To date, there is no set pricing strategy for the entire EA portfolio. And many of the proposals include free-to-play content on models similar to Madden Ultimate Team, Battlefield Heroes and Battlefield 1943. None of the proposals call for charging consumers for traditionally free game demos."

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# 1 rudyjuly2 @ 03/22/10 10:56 AM
The EA demos are usually so stripped down and buggy they are often a pain to play for free.
# 2 seriousluboy83 @ 03/22/10 10:59 AM
And people say EA isn't money hungry...lol...get real folks
# 3 GlennN @ 03/22/10 11:02 AM
I consider myself a fair person, but charging for a demo (which is a product whose sole function is to get you to buy the full game) is absolutely absurd. There is no way, no how, I would ever, ever, pay for a demo.
# 4 elgreazy1 @ 03/22/10 11:06 AM
The only ONLY ONLY way I would pay for a demo is if said demo gave me the same amount of credit towards the game purchase that I paid for it.
# 5 jello1717 @ 03/22/10 11:07 AM
37 "nevers" to 0 "I'll pay somethings".

It appears to be a landslide...
# 6 Jgainsey @ 03/22/10 11:14 AM
Have any of the polls on OS ever gone 100% to one answer. I'd say this one has a sporting chance. What a load of crap... Ya know, up until the last couple of years, there was a plethora of full games by EA that I would've had a hard time paying 5-10 bucks for.
# 7 ANDROMADA 1 @ 03/22/10 11:16 AM
1,000% no.
# 8 ANDROMADA 1 @ 03/22/10 11:29 AM
somebody trying to be funny voted yes. seriously?
# 9 Brassman @ 03/22/10 11:32 AM
Money for a demo? You're kidding, right? OK EA Sports. Where do we send the bill for all the "beta testing" we do every year, after spending another hard earned $60 on one of your flawed games? It's time to find another hobby!
# 10 rudyjuly2 @ 03/22/10 11:36 AM
Paying for roster updates (particularly used game buyers) makes more sense to me. I'd much rather spend $5 or $10 on renting the full game rather than a crappy/limited demo.
# 11 duckfever8 @ 03/22/10 11:39 AM
Who was the 1 person to vote that they would pay? Demos have limited function and they're not worth anything, their only purpose is to get you to buy the actual game.
# 12 BlueNGold @ 03/22/10 11:49 AM
Really? Paying for a demo?

# 13 LingeringRegime @ 03/22/10 11:52 AM
Wow, I hate to say it, so I won't.
# 14 coogrfan @ 03/22/10 11:54 AM
Did anybody bother to read the article (and the responses to it)?

Originally Posted by Rampage
Sounds like a classic case of it's not what you say, it's how you say it.

Valve releases Half Life 2 "Episodes" and charges for it and is praised for it.

Episodes are glorified demos people.

EA plans on releasing what is essentially "episodic content" that is dubbed "glorified demo" by a writer, not EA themselves, and all of a sudden the F'n sky is falling.

"We've contacted Electronic Arts for comment and clarification, but have not yet heard back"

I would hold judgment as to what this all means until the above statement has been clarified.
# 15 Jukeman @ 03/22/10 12:02 PM
Oh wow...

How did I know the letters E, A was involved...

I'd say the sports games they put out are already glorified demos on release day...

Especially since non of their games gives the user the freedom to customize it to our liking..
# 16 BlueNGold @ 03/22/10 12:05 PM
Originally Posted by joejccva71
I read the article and the only way I'd pay for it is if they credited that $10-15 towards my game purchase, and not make me pay an additional $60 for the game.

Otherwise it'd be a big fat NO.
That's the worst part. They actually expect you to pay $10-15 for a demo and then the full price of the game on top of that if you decide to buy it. Ridiculous.
# 17 NINJAK2 @ 03/22/10 12:14 PM
If they are going to charge 10-15 bucks for it they need to find a way to have that amount paid credited towards the full game imo if you decide to buy it. If they go NBA 2k10 combine route(charge $5) they may be able to get away with charging.
# 18 Jukeman @ 03/22/10 12:18 PM
And they said it was to lower the cost of marketing...

Wait what? Lower the cost as in making more money rather than saving...

Take Battlefield 1943 for an example...

Im sure most people who downloaded the game did so because it was a Battlefield game....

Even with that, would you guys still pay $60 for EA to add more maps, modes and a story to that game? Idk if I would...$40 maybe..

How would this even work with a new project without the hype machine behind it?...Mind aswell charge us $75.00 for the game...because thats all they are trying to do...

Edit- Ninjak, you bring up a good point with NBA draft combine...thats really was just a glorified demo even tho the gamplay was much improved in nba2k10
# 19 xylocaine @ 03/22/10 12:39 PM
Leave it to EA
# 20 HITTERSAURUS REX @ 03/22/10 12:49 PM
I would not pay 1cent for any downloadable demo for any company. EA, 2K, etc... etc.. I could go on and on how this is bad for the consumers but I'll just end it with xbox360 marketplace & psnStore were not something I wanted to see for videogame support.

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