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Videogamer has posted their first look preview at F1 2010.

"Still, the role-playing aspects of F1's career mode certainly look intriguing. At the start of the game when you're a relative nobody, your part of the paddock will be quiet and uneventful. Then as you start to do better, things will get busier journalists, sponsorship guys and other interested parties will start to mill around. After a race you may be approached by members of the press who want your reaction to certain events so if you suffer a bad crash that costs a few places, you may be quizzed for your reaction. Another neat touch is that your treatment is largely based on what people expect of you, so if you do unexpectedly well in a race and manage to beat one of the big names, you'll suddenly be right in the media spotlight.

There are other neat-sounding details too, like the fact that you'll eventually get to choose a personal rival from one of your fellow racers, and that you'll be judged by how you manage to compete against this foe. Other than that, your primary adversary is actually the other driver in your team. Throughout your career you'll be striving to outshine him - because if you don't, he'll get more attention when it comes to engine tweaks and the like. Codemasters says that your car will be constantly changing over the course of a season and beyond, and you'll also have to pay attention to things like the eight engine limit: during races you can dial-up or dial down the performance of your motor, but if you push things to hard you'll wear through the hardware quicker."

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Sounds better and better

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