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# 1 Steve_OS @ 03/30/10 03:47 PM
Note: The one showed the other day was only 3 minutes, this one is 8 minutes long.
# 2 DavonBrown @ 03/30/10 04:00 PM
# 3 jerk @ 03/30/10 06:00 PM
Looks great, can't wait! Hope the demo drops soon!
# 4 allBthere @ 03/30/10 09:50 PM
loving most things I see but I have a question:

the posture system to me is the same the way I'm gathering what's going on.

Ok, so the difference to me is in the animation..in 09 you went almost straight up to posture up, this one seems like you're more hunched over - but that's it - Dravinski is making it seem like it's a new system and it's deeper. He also said you can finish the fight from any position ... as I recall, correct me if I'm wrong, you could tko someone from half-guard in 09...he's making it seem like this is new. I vividly remember tko'ing people gsp style with heavy knee's to the body from side control last year.

hopefully if anyone understands what exactly is different in this aspect of the game you can clarify, because to me it's just reanimated and it seems the strikes are more damaging.
# 5 DavonBrown @ 03/31/10 03:57 PM
The more punches you land, the higher you'll posture up and the higher your posture, the more damage your strikes do. When you're not striking, you'll just lay your head on your opponent.
# 6 allBthere @ 03/31/10 05:20 PM
Originally Posted by DavonBrown
The more punches you land, the higher you'll posture up and the higher your posture, the more damage your strikes do. When you're not striking, you'll just lay your head on your opponent.
so the positions for example in guard would be:

1. guard down (held)

2. guard down (not held)

3. posture up in guard ranging from almost down to almost upright based on consecutive punches landed.

- If this is the new way, yeah I see what you're saying - you can't posture up without punching, punching is what gets you postured up in the new one. I think overall that's probably a better choice since you wouldn't just posture up for no reason since the downed opponent could easily escape if that was what you're doing.

From watching the GSP/Hardy fight, Hardy wasn't too effed up like Alves for example because his ground defence was impeccable. That could be something for THQ to figure out in the next one. Almost like your arms feel stuck and it's super hard to even throw a hard punch because of the blocking and wrist grabbing. A lot of that could be automated based on ratings.
# 7 mikenoob @ 04/01/10 04:33 PM
I just read the entire interview at IGN and what davon just said isn't true based on my extraction of the info. You still have the same system of posturing up by doing a minor transition just like the 2009 game. A major transition will put you into a better position. The passive defense is just that you don't have to focus on blocking his attempt to roll out. That is all done by his energy/stamina level and his stats. If you put your head down on his chest and throw punches here and there, you sacrifice power in your strikes to maintain the dominant position as you're putting the majority of your weight on him. You can now choose to do a minor transition to posture up and gain a boost in power and be able to end the fight, but now the opponent on his back will have an easier time to roll out. As the guy on top you can just focus on improving your position and landing strikes. Obviously you don't want to go all out pounding his face in as you will waste energy and he will most likely roll out with ease. They changed it this way because the previous game when people had full mount, it was just transition blocking then throw a punch or two and repeat. This slowed the game down, made it look like a game and not the show. I like this move to the passive transition defense.
# 8 DavonBrown @ 04/01/10 04:56 PM
You don't just posture all the way up like in 09. You posture a little and the more punches you land the higher you will posture up. The higher your posture, the more damage your strikes will do and the easier it is for your opponent to transition. I said nothing about passive defense. How am I wrong?
# 9 mikenoob @ 04/01/10 05:12 PM
Oh sorry, I just took a quick glance at this thread and didn't fully comprehend what you posted. It's just the usual me jumping to conclusions.
# 10 DavonBrown @ 04/01/10 07:36 PM
Lol. No problem.

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