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The following sites have posted their hands-on previews of EA Sports NBA Jam.


"What really set the NBA Jam presentation was the visual style that the team's going for: 3D character bodies with 2D photorealistic heads that change depending on the players' mood and position. The style had a very South Park or Jib Jab feel, as the heads were clearly moving independently to the bodies. But it's a style that works extremely well to the over-the-top arcade action of NBA Jam."


""Natural" really is the key word when describing the quick match I was placed into during my demo of the game. After about 2 minutes, fellow Jam enthusiast Kevin Kelly and I were executing offensive maneuvers that befuddled our rivals. After our eleventh fist bump, which occurred the third time the announcer informed us one of our players was "on fire," the game's exhilarating powers began to take root."


"The only real wrinkle in the control, especially if you have history with Jam, is that you do have to move the Wii Remote to shoot the ball -- but only as a quick jerk, and not as anything halfway realistic. It did take me a try or two to get used to -- not so much because of it being a, "Wii thing," but more because it's not what I expected right off the bat; my indelible memories of Jam had me feeling around for a button that wasn't there, but by the next turnover, it was well understood. I'm just thankful there's no overhead free-throw motion like in Wii Sports Resort."

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# 1 Hassan Darkside @ 03/31/10 12:01 PM
Originally Posted by IGN
In my hands-on I was only allowed to play using the Wii remote and nunchuk combination, but when the game's finished, you'll be able to use the standard Wii remote on its side, as well as the Classic Controller.
# 2 Amoo316 @ 03/31/10 01:18 PM
Originally Posted by Sting
Have to flick the controller to shoot the ball huh. I wonder how that works with shooting 3's and jumpers; how hard it will be to release a shot at the peak of your jump.

It's gonna be fun as hell regardless. First day purchase here.
This gave me a chuckle Sting. It's NBA Jam just chuck it up at the basket before you're picking yourself up off the deck.
# 3 Fiddy @ 03/31/10 03:47 PM
Originally Posted by rondoman
PastaPadre, yah I know he isnt Mr. Reliable, but on his site he is stating that there might not even be online play for NBA Jam.

Wow...if this is true.
he stating what the articles above state.

whats so wow about not supporting online for the wii? im sure this will be online for the 360 and ps3 next year.

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