NLL Lacrosse 2010 News Post

Kotaku's Owen Good, has the scoop.

"By the end of April, Xbox Live's Indie Games channel will see a very unusual first: The service's first sports title licensed by a professional league, and backed with the sponsorship of a major brand.

NLL Lacrosse 2010 will be the pro sport's video game comeback nine years after its one and only console release. The game, a licensing partnership between the National Lacrosse League and Crosse Studio - which published last year's Inside Lacrosse College Lacrosse 2010 - will feature the league's authentic rosters, teams, uniforms, and a season mode culminating in the NLL's Champions Cup playoffs. It also features the sponsorship of Reebok Lacrosse, a primary NLL sponsor. The game will cost 400 Microsoft Points, or $5, and is due for release by April 30."

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# 1 psymin1 @ 03/31/10 11:54 PM
I will definitely be picking this one up. Glad to see that the creator of the College Lacrosse game is having his first great effort pay off by earning the backing of a major license. Good stuff!
# 2 htfdthewhale @ 04/01/10 08:25 AM
When Carlo Sunseri released College Lacrosse last fall, everyone was hoping something like this would happen. Great to see, hopefully this one does well and the series continues...
# 3 Kaanyr Vhok @ 04/12/10 02:14 PM
For 5 bucks thats one hell of a sports game.
# 4 CeltBhoy33 @ 04/13/10 10:57 AM
I'm pretty excited for this. Can't wait.
# 5 davis420 @ 04/23/10 06:38 PM
The game is out NOW! I'm getting ready to DL it right now! I'll be back with a follow up review!
# 6 davis420 @ 04/23/10 07:06 PM
This is the 1st time I played any Lacrosse game. The game has real lacrosse teams, real players, and a season mode. I only played 1 game so far but overall I give it about a 7/10. It seems like one of them games that the more you play the better it will get.
# 7 Cardot @ 04/30/10 01:18 PM
I downloaded the game, and it is pretty good.

It is an Indie game deveoped with a small budget. Graphically it is probably on par with a PS1 game. But it also pretty fun.....like video games used to be. No sliders to adjust/test. Not to much fluff....basically you just play.

For $5, really can't complain.

For any Lax fans, I highly recommend this one.
# 8 Cardot @ 05/01/10 11:07 PM
Originally Posted by MassNole
I'd say it's graphics are vastly better than Blast Lacrosse for the PS1. That said compared to College Lacrosse 2010, this game is pure crap. Anyone who wants a lax game should stick with CL10. But I will gladly support the lacrosse video game industry so it was a good 400 MS Points to spend.
I actually do like the indoor version....but heck, for $10 you can have them both. Not to shabby.

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