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According to the official NCAA Football 11 website, the demo will arrive sometime in June. Not a big surprise, but worth mentioning for the impatient people that have to ask on a weekly basis.

The game will be in stores on July 13th. What would you like to see in the demo?

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# 1 canes21 @ 04/08/10 07:29 PM
The demo came out June 12th last year, and the game came out July 12th, right? I may be mistaken, but I thought thats how it was. Or was it the 14th? Anyways, I'd expect a demo around 25-35 days before release.
# 2 its flav @ 04/08/10 07:30 PM
Once the demo drops that is going to be the only game I play until I get NCAA 11
# 3 its flav @ 04/08/10 07:33 PM
Originally Posted by Sting
I can't wait to try the new locomotion physics with Mark Ingram and Trent Richardson, assuming it's Bama/Tx in the demo.
You mean HB # 22 and HB # 3
# 4 canes21 @ 04/08/10 07:36 PM
I think for the demo, it should be the full game without achievements. Just kidding. But I want to use Miami. That most likely won't happen. A cool demo would be like 4qtrs. 2 minutes each. And we have the option to play some big rivalry games. Mimai/FSU, Ohio State/Michigan, etc.
# 5 TracerBullet @ 04/08/10 07:49 PM
I'd like a rivalry game. Iron Bowl, Red River Shootout (preferably not this one if one is picked), Battle for the Golden Boot, or the Holy War. Something to that extent.
# 6 rudyjuly2 @ 04/08/10 07:55 PM
I'd like it to have difficulty options and even sliders if possible. Give me camera choices too please.

I'd love to see the game just start in OT. Don't bother with 1 or 2 minute quarters in a quick regular season game. OT lets you play at a normal pace and you can play longer.

I'd like to see a rivalry game too. I think Texas-Bama would be fun but any great matchup will do.
# 7 CM Hooe @ 04/08/10 07:56 PM
Clearly the Virginia Cavaliers should be a selectable team on the demo since we won the NCAA 10 Season Showdown.
# 8 Potatoes002 @ 04/08/10 08:06 PM
I would like to see more than 2 teams in the demo. Maybe 4 so you could have two power teams, and maybe like 2 pretty bad teams so you could see the difference.
# 9 Tengo Juego @ 04/08/10 08:18 PM
A full game with 5(or 7 minutes w/ accelerated clock) minute quarters.

Nebraska vs Texas. Big 12 championship rematch.
# 10 bigsmallwood @ 04/08/10 09:20 PM
Full ESPN Presentation!!!!!
# 11 moylan1234 @ 04/08/10 09:34 PM
Bama vs Texas is a lock they'll want to show off those numbers on the helmets
# 12 Draxion @ 04/08/10 09:54 PM
I'll be NCSU naturally
# 13 prowler @ 04/08/10 09:54 PM
Bama, Texas and a Teambuilder slot so people can try out whatever other team they want.
# 14 gator3guy @ 04/08/10 11:05 PM
theres 120 teams, it would be cool if the gave us atleast 4 to choose from.
# 15 geezmeister @ 04/08/10 11:34 PM
Originally Posted by ufgators253
I'd like a rivalry game. Iron Bowl, Red River Shootout (preferably not this one if one is picked), Battle for the Golden Boot, or the Holy War. Something to that extent.
Battle for the boot. That's what I'm talkin about. I hate that they had to chang the name of the worlds largest outdoor cocktail party. Uf vs uga. That's a good one
# 16 stoncold32 @ 04/08/10 11:38 PM
I'd at least like the ability to select at least two weather options
# 17 Hova57 @ 04/08/10 11:54 PM
fsu and miami in miami with 3 min quarters all four quarters they will be two of the best teams next year bank on it.

also all the intro and presentation stuff.
# 18 jyoung @ 04/09/10 12:11 AM
Full game with 5 minute quarters and selectable difficulties would be nice.

Don't care which teams we get to use.
# 19 Draxion @ 04/09/10 12:17 AM
Originally Posted by Xaos
Georgia vs Georgia Tech. The most heated rivalry in college football xD

Plus I wanna get working on throwing to AJ and handing off to Ealey and King xD

Woops. I meant throwing to WR #8 and handing off to HB #3 and HB #4
You were about to get sued, watch yourself.
# 20 nyj721 @ 04/09/10 12:33 AM

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