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Are you pulling for Tiger to win the Masters?

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# 1 drterb @ 04/08/10 11:17 PM
This question was posed yesterday on a local radio show. I hated it then and I hate it now. Here's why...

I didn't pull for Tiger before ElinGate and I won't pull for Tiger after ElinGate. I don't really pull for anyone. I root for a competitive tournament every weekend. A tournament that takes me off the course on Sunday and keeps me in my living room. I hate seeing a player run away with a tournament on Sat/Sun because the competitive juices aren't flowing. It's like watching the second half of Saints v Lions blowout. BOOOOOOOOORING!!!

If it's Tiger v any international player, I will root for Tiger (or an other USA player) 100%. Bring home the jacket baby!! USA! USA!

Otherwise, just give me a competitive tournament and I'll be happy. I'd be happy to watch a bunch of Internationals fight it out as long as it was competitive.
# 2 TreyIM2 @ 04/08/10 11:18 PM
Tiger, Tiger, Tiger, Tiger Woods Y'all!...Uhh, I can't say that I'm not. While I think what he did to his wife is deplorable, I don't hate on his golfing prowess. Two separate things so I guess I am still rooting for him on the links.
# 3 DubTrey1 @ 04/09/10 12:04 AM
Everyone deserves to be redeemed, no matter what - so yeah, I say go Tiger.
# 4 SouthernBrick @ 04/09/10 12:12 AM
Hi, I'm Tiger Woods, whats your name stranger? My name is Powerade.

Oh and yes I'm rooting for him lol.
# 5 LingeringRegime @ 04/09/10 12:26 AM
I like golf, but I don't care if he wins or loses really.
# 6 CAMPBLACKMAMBA24 @ 04/09/10 12:30 AM
I would be lieing if I said I did not want him to win. He wins this and he silences a lot of the critics who say it's not possible with the type of layoff he had.

America's a forgiving country. As far as I am concerned what happened between him and his family is there business. I would not want people/strangers in my personal life if I was dealing with something like this or not. Peace!!!
# 7 ty5oke @ 04/09/10 12:33 AM
I'm pulling for Couples.
# 8 rockchisler @ 04/09/10 02:05 AM
Hope he wins, Could you imagine if all people knew what was going on in all other peoples lives..There's probably people in Operation sports that have been to a dogfight or molested their children, but since we don't know we cant judge them for bad behavior.
# 9 Jukeman @ 04/09/10 02:37 AM
Tiger Woooo
# 10 BrianFifaFan @ 04/09/10 06:32 AM
Yep, just so he can use it to help him get past all of this. I don't believe that he should be "punished" or "cursed" for what he did. In dollars lost alone he's paid a whole heck of a lot. He said he was sorry, and it should be left at that. It was really heart-warming to see the gallery reception and that he played so well, especially in the context of all of this. Go Tiger!
# 11 DirtyJerz32 @ 04/09/10 08:51 AM
Yes I am. Because it will be just like Kobe, Ray Lewis and any others that have gotten into trouble. As soon as they win nobody ever brings it up again.
# 12 GEORGE LUZ @ 04/09/10 10:34 AM
No, I hate Tiger. I was one of the few golf fans who hated him BEFORE his scandal. Go Phil!
# 13 Gibbz @ 04/09/10 11:27 AM
I don't care or know anything about golf, but I hope Tiger wins the Masters.
# 14 Skyboxer @ 04/09/10 01:05 PM
Yep hope he wins.
Since I never met the guy like some of those apparently have in this thread....
...I can't really say he's anything but a great golfer.
# 15 Mad 69 @ 04/09/10 01:23 PM
I would like this A-hole to quit playing golf - I hate golf but I'll be watching just to see this sack of sh!t get humiliated.
Why does the poll say the majority of people want this guy to win? What is wrong with you people?
# 16 SouthernBrick @ 04/09/10 02:44 PM
Originally Posted by Mad 69
I would like this A-hole to quit playing golf - I hate golf but I'll be watching just to see this sack of sh!t get humiliated.
Why does the poll say the majority of people want this guy to win? What is wrong with you people?
Ummm get humiliated by who? His wife?(South Park anyone lol) I don't know If you've been watching but, he's been doing quite well. He might not win but, I highly doubt he's going to have some kind of epic fail or get humiliated by anyone he's already been humiliated for the most part and deservedly so. Whats done is done, let the guy be.
# 17 Koolie G @ 04/09/10 03:01 PM
I'm rooting for him, just like I did before his infidelities came out. I am very much against cheating on your spouse, but that doesn't change how I feel about his ability to golf. He is arguably the greatest golfer of all time and he is still young for a golfer. I actually cherish the opportunity to watch someone that so far above the rest of his peers. His golfing talent and mental game is out of this world.
I will root for him off the course because I hope he changes his life and works things out with his family and honors his marriage vows. It is not difficult for me to separate the two when I don't know the person.
# 18 Reaman @ 04/09/10 04:33 PM
# 19 SuperBowlNachos @ 04/09/10 05:17 PM

I have been watching round 1 and 2 the past 2 days. He is the only one capable of putting on a amazing with amazing shots on a consistent basis. I hope he is in the running still come Sunday
# 20 bamalam @ 04/09/10 05:23 PM
Originally Posted by MC Fatigue
Don't care about Tiger or Golf. I also don't care if he had an affair or that he smashed his car into a tree. It would be nice to turn on a sports channel without hearing about that stuff. Maybe it's just me, but I don't give a **** about athletes/celebrities personal lives.
agreed, unless a athlete/celeb tries to push some political agenda upon the rest of us.

just want to watch the game or the movie and be entertained by them.

as for tiger, once he wins again all the other will die down.

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