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In yesterdays NCAA Football 11 Tim Tebow press release, there was no mention of a PSP or Wii version.

IGN has confirmed no PSP version.

"Sadly, EA confirmed with IGN today that NCAA Football 11 is not coming to the PSP. This is a sad day for portable football fans, although the game is coming to iPhone/iPod Touch."

*UPDATE: We just received word from EA, there will not be a Wii version either.

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# 1 Steve_OS @ 04/09/10 07:12 PM
Not sure, will dig.
# 2 Steve_OS @ 04/09/10 07:50 PM
Just confirmed, no Wii version either.
# 3 Saxonkid2012 @ 04/09/10 07:52 PM
That sucks man....I'm definetly getting it for ps3 though
# 4 Behindshadows @ 04/09/10 07:56 PM
This isn't bad news it's good news.

That means the consoles that matter will get the game. Doing rosters on the PSP is not happening, so it's a waste, not to mention majority of the PSP sports games are nothing more than PS2 games, and they are terrible. None the of the innovation and things they are trying to do with series can be done on the PSP.

And secondly the Wii, which is a kid / family console. Majority of the people who play this series are late teen to adult and they would rather have it on 360 and PS3.

I see this as a sound and great business decision, to put the funds to the consoles it will benefit the most and use the development time to make a better series overall for the true Current Generation systems.
# 5 frankplastictrees @ 04/09/10 09:03 PM
Hopefully this means more resources towards the PS3/360 versions.
# 6 z Revis @ 04/09/10 10:14 PM
Sucks for Wii only users. I have a Wii, but I also have a 360. So no worries here(I always buy sports games for my 360 anyways).
# 7 Draxion @ 04/09/10 10:51 PM
Its cool that its comping to the iphone, im going to pick that up on my ipod touch.
I mean honestly if you as a developer and you had to choose between the psp and ipod touch/iphone, you would take the ipod touch/iphone.
# 8 aimiami @ 04/09/10 11:39 PM
they should probably drop the ps2 too
# 9 DJ @ 04/10/10 12:18 AM
Originally Posted by aimiami
they should probably drop the ps2 too
Probably. I enjoy the older NCAA games on PS2 but can't play the ones that have jump the snap and momentum meters in the game; makes things too unbalanced, imo.

I had the PSP version last year and with a lot of slider tweaks, it actually played a decent game of football. Certainly, there was potential there but with the cutbacks at EA, it's understandable why they aren't devoting resources to that platform.
# 10 Lava @ 04/10/10 12:47 AM
The PS2 version is easy money for EA, since it's almost nothing outside of a roster update as far as changes go.

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