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Tired of the same commentary, over and over again in your sports gaming sessions? Make sure you check out Owen Good's article at Kotaku.

"Even if your wideout didn't see that linebacker coiled up between the hashmarks in Madden, ready to hit him like a lifetime supply of bad news, anyone who's played the game can quote from memory what comes next.

It's when Cris Collinsworth saunters up like your uncle with three or four in him before Thanksgiving dinner, hangs a hammy arm over your shoulder and dislodges something sounding like a Rotary Club anecdote that everyone heard a zillion times by 1985.

"Let me tell youuuuuu," Collinsworth assures yet again, "you haven't lived until you've caught one of those high hard ones and had one of those clowns flip you upside down." It's a piece of dialogue so comically overplayed it's a wonder Collinsworth hasn't been autotuned into a Steve Porter remix by now.

I think Collinsworth's an outstanding commentator - real life or in Madden. Where most analyst voice talents end up doing an impersonation of themselves in video games, Collinsworth's lines, unto themselves, do come out with Sunday authenticity. He just sounds out of it because, given the limitations of either the technology or the cost of development, sports games apply a brute-force approach to the dialogue: record a bunch of lines and then apply them to the action, a kind of rhetorical card trick that disagrees with the live broadcast standards that games seek to emulate.

Is there any solution, without completely devoting the game's disc to a commentary engine? Well, maybe - and, please, stop me if you've heard this one before - it's not what you say, but how you say it."

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# 1 TreyIM2 @ 04/11/10 11:43 AM
Well, if this PA Commentator software can pull it off, I say go for it, EA and 2K, but I would guess that one of the two would lock them down in a contract so the other couldn't use the the tech. One day, we'll have it, but I'm not itching for it. I do remember how much the first NFL 2K blew me away with the commentary...but that was about it, at that time.
# 2 Valdarez @ 04/11/10 11:53 AM
It would be great if they could take phonetics from John Madden, and we could actually have John Madden back in the game. Or Howard Coseel for the next Boxing game. How cool would that be?
# 3 TreyIM2 @ 04/11/10 03:05 PM
Valdarez - While that would be cool for nostalgic sake, I wouldn't be able to stomach either of them for too long. Lol. Although I only remember little of Cosell from my childhood, I do remember his voice beginning to grate on my ears a bit.
As for Madden, he used to be the cat's meow for a moment, growing up, but then, after a while, the general consensus became that he was annoying, always speaking the most obvious stuff.

They were the "men" back in the days of their commentating prime, though.
# 4 Sherman91587 @ 04/12/10 06:17 PM
Great read.... and Im with Trey that Madden doesnt need to be in the game anymore. For me I like the commentary but need the whole experience. Like if its Collinsworth i guess you would have to go with Micheals and throw the NBC look on there. Me honestly would like to see Buck and Aikman (who prob will become the new Madden, have u heard how many dumb things he says lol). Maybe even Buck in baseball would be awesome but I do like Matty, just need to put some people that have actually been in a booth with him to have chemistry.

My biggest one and i think any hocky fan would agree with me doc emric in the NHL game. Just as long as they dont get Lebrun in the game with him haha... Thorne has 2k baseball and i never really hear Clement do games anymore. Wildcard would be the Sabres guy he is crazy and would make me laugh every time I played the game haha.
# 5 43Chargers4Now @ 04/21/10 01:39 PM
I like Collinsworth but not "the other guy." The other guy simply sounds like an absolute robot and i hate having to listen to him in every single game of madden.
# 6 Double C @ 05/03/10 09:20 AM
I'd like to have Al Michaels back in the game.
A Michaels-Collinsworth tandem would make it, though I don't like Collinsworth's voice.
# 7 clemson39 @ 05/07/10 07:18 PM
This would be amazing.
# 8 l3ulvl @ 05/17/10 10:42 PM
I can't wait until this technology gets implemented in a game. I disagree though about leaving Madden out, he wouldn't sound so repetitive or obvious with this feature, but that's just me. Also it's his name on the game so might as well throw him in there.

It might be unrealistic to suggest changing the name of the game if there's no Madden actually contained within, but it seems odd to play a game titled Madden and have no semblance of the title personality whatsoever, so why not just call it simply NFL 11... I know this would never happen though, the name Madden simply has too much recognition
# 9 crazyguys @ 05/31/10 04:17 AM
Sure to be a great surprise!!

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