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VVV Gamer has posted their hands-on preview of SBK X.

"Next I move swiftly into the simulation mode, hitting Monza and straight away there's a huge difference in handling, smoother movement in the rider of course now with greatly increased braking zones. You'll need to make sure you brake and turn in early as the racing line is quite acute, while braking balance is hard to judge, I still feel the bias is a little too far to the rear causing some massive understeer, to compensate I dab the rear brake and struggle to get the rear end out. Now moving to Imola I'm testing in both dry and wet conditions, visual effects such as spray are disappointing at this stage, go off onto the gravel and there is no visual effect on the wet tyres, this will need further testing. Driver weight on and off, different levels of simulation settings, tyre wear etc. Everything making a significant impact though the driving style didn't not come naturally to me, unable to accurately judge consistent braking zones or racing lines, slow corners constantly catching me out, I'll need to put in far more laps to give an accurate opinion."

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# 1 Kruza @ 04/16/10 01:27 PM
Another great SBK X preview. Keep 'em coming, Steve!

Make sure to check out Milestone's SBK X blog as soon as you can, because the crew over there replied and posted answers to many of the questions that users (including mine) had for them regarding the game.

Time for Answers


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