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Kotaku's Owen Good chimes in today with a column that gives camera angle settings for all 30 major league teams. So that your MLB 2K10 game can better approximate the center field view, you see during a live broadcast.

"Maybe no other sport is influenced this much by irregular stadium dimensions. Maybe no other sport has fans who'd care about this. But how you see a baseball game on TV is unique, park-to-park. In video games, however, it's uniform.

This dawned on me when my pitcher was promoted out of Indianapolis a few weeks back and debuted in Pittsburgh for the Pirates. I've written about the freelance roleplaying I do in sports titles, but here I imagined watching the broadcast of his debut. Ruminating on that, I realized that because baseball parks are much less uniform than NBA, NHL or NFL arenas, their camera presentation should also be unique. Ideally, wouldn't a broadcast-quality major league baseball simulation have that capability?

Well, in a way, MLB 2K10 does. You have more camera control in this game than is offered in MLB 10 The Show, which has two outfield camera positions for pitching but no means to adjust their height, zoom or angle. 2K10 includes those variables. While you have to re-set that camera position each time you start up the game (it's apparently not saved as a profile preference, something I'd love to see patched) the customization is still there."

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# 1 bonannogiovanni @ 04/17/10 05:45 PM
That's great!!!!
# 2 RGmoney @ 04/17/10 06:33 PM
Good find. Thanks.
# 3 statum71 @ 04/17/10 09:26 PM
# 4 jeffy777 @ 04/17/10 11:20 PM
Very nice.
# 5 Tomba @ 04/18/10 12:02 AM
Very cool
# 6 Jasong7777 @ 04/18/10 08:40 AM
Can someone copy and paste the actual numbers for the angles. Thanks
# 7 Jasong7777 @ 04/18/10 12:01 PM
Nevermind, I got them.
# 8 rudyjuly2 @ 04/18/10 12:43 PM
This is one area where 2K really shines and I love. I'm a huge proponent of multiple camera options. While 2K10 fails in the fielding department here they have a ton of customizable batting and pitching cameras. I personally love the CF camera looks like Texas, Minny and St. Louis (#21, #28, #7).
# 9 RGmoney @ 04/18/10 10:03 PM
Originally Posted by bulls23
Awesome article! I'll be using these when I play each team. Will really add variety.
Yeah, same thing I'm going to do.
# 10 christopher @ 04/19/10 12:22 AM
Did anyone get the camera angles? The link for me is broken.
# 11 ExtremeGamer @ 04/19/10 09:02 AM
I love this, playing a MLB Today game daily (random games) has been a blast, and these angles have made it even better.
# 12 econoodle @ 04/19/10 12:37 PM
got these jotted down inside the game case to use.
will give some cool variety to the games as we go along in franchise.
# 13 christopher @ 04/19/10 01:01 PM
Originally Posted by bulls23
Here's a list I typed up:
NOTE: Use the 1st pitcher cam and Right angle unless noted
Numbers are Zoom, Position, and Height order....

Angels 6-8-3
Astros 6-10-3
As 9-7-2
Blue Jays 8-6-3
Cardinals Cam 2 2-9-8
Braves 7-8-2
Brewers 4-10-3
Cubs 4-7-5
Dbacks 7-9-3
Dodgers Cam 3 2-4-4
Giants 9-5-4
Indians 10-8-2
Mariners Cam 3 4-10-6
Marlins Cam 3 5-6-5
Mets Cam 3 4-5-6
Nats 5-7-5
Orioles Cam 2 2-9-5 Normal
Padres Cam 3 2-4-5
Phillies 9-7-3
Pirates Cam 3 1-5-8
Rangers 1-1-10
Rays 1-10-3 or Cam 3 1-10-7
Reds Cam 3 1-7-8
Red Sox 5-1-5
Rockies Cam 3 3-8-5
Royals 3-8-4
Tigers Cam 3 3-8-5
Twins 1-1-10
White Sox Cam 3 3-3-6
# 14 bigfnjoe96 @ 04/19/10 03:53 PM
# 15 RedLine @ 04/19/10 05:50 PM
Very nice! I was just thinking about doing something like this the other day, but I would have not been able to do the job this well. Congrats.

Adjusting the cameras (sans fielding) is one of the very nice features in 2K10 that I really like. I will definitely use these angles, just wish they could be saved by ballpark.

Thanks for doing this.

Now I just wish MLB Today would get all sync'd up to have the right records and stats for all players and teams. Soon I hope (crossing fingers).

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