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Check out the new EA Sports MMA video featuring in game action.

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# 1 kennyacid @ 04/17/10 11:14 PM
striking still look weak but the take downs are nice
# 2 Dalsanto0026 @ 04/18/10 12:13 AM
The movements look stiff and the punches look weak.
# 3 ManiacMatt1782 @ 04/18/10 10:27 AM
the commecials last night and the fight preview moves they used the game for totally turned me off of this game to be quite honest. eveything seemed clunky, like KOkings 2001 clunky.
# 4 Phillmattic @ 04/18/10 10:33 AM
I was excited for this game. It looks like it may do some things well, but it also looks like it has a ways to go.

I'm definitely going to keep an eye out for it, with much lower expectations.
# 5 luv_mist @ 04/18/10 01:12 PM
Definitely needs a bit of work in the movement area.
# 6 joel_g @ 04/18/10 01:39 PM
Damn, the game is not due til' later this year. We saw a pre-alpha version of the game.Give it time to develop before criticizing it.
# 7 Trevelyan @ 04/18/10 02:47 PM
What they showed last night is the reason developers don't show their games that early in development.
# 8 JoeMimic @ 04/18/10 03:24 PM
They can't go back and reanimate everything especially since it's all motion captured. They'll either push it back a bunch to do it or release it with a little clean up and accept the fact that they're going to get slammed for a lot of the gameplay. Likely using the excuse that it was their first try but so was UFC 09 and that wasn't nearly as bad as some of that **** I saw.
# 9 JoeMimic @ 04/18/10 03:28 PM

Here's the footage from last night btw
# 10 Phobia @ 04/18/10 03:37 PM
Like I have said multiple times. It looks really weak. But like mentioned it is a very very early build and some things will be cleaned up.

With that said, I think it won't hold a candle to ufc 2010. But it does something really good by the quick look for it.
# 11 ExtremeGamer @ 04/18/10 04:45 PM
Looks horrible IMO.
# 12 noshun @ 04/18/10 06:29 PM
Originally Posted by ExtremeGamer
Looks horrible IMO.
I agree. Looks so floaty, while theyre swinging. Reminds me of the way the boxers in Prizefighter swing at times.
# 13 nolan273 @ 04/18/10 07:44 PM
Some of the game at this point looks pretty weak. With that being said, there are still several months before the game is finished.

Most devs and publishers don't release videos of games this early on, but I think EA realizes that they have an uphill climb against UFC 2010. I think this is to let people see where the game is and where it's headed.

I think there's a lot of potential for the game. And despite the video not being all that great, I'm still looking forward to the game itself.
# 14 Trevelyan @ 04/19/10 03:24 AM
I think they have a really large hill to climb when it comes to convincing people to give this game a chance that already like the UFC game. They have to find something, anything, that they do better than the UFC game to promote and market before the game comes out. One of the problems that stands out to me so far, is nothing looks like its being done realistically, and I'm not referring to the bad animations, I'm referring to some of the ways they're showing people being put into submissions, lots of crazy *** moves that you'll see happen once a year, not 5 times a fight.
# 15 Stumbleweed @ 04/19/10 10:59 AM
Looks pretty rough overall, I actually laughed at the commercials during the SF event. Hopefully it was from a super-early build, their feet were sliding all over the place and there didn't seem to be any weight to the fighters, very odd transition animations... that looked almost worse than the striking, which is robotic as well. I think they'll need two attempts at this sport to get it close to right... UFC had the advantage of being worked on for nearly 4 years before being released and having a ton of source material, fighters, etc. to use to make the game authentic. EA's kinda trying to jump om the bandwagon quickly and it doesn't seem like the first results will be very good... who knows though?
# 16 JoeMimic @ 04/19/10 01:08 PM
Four years? The Griffin/Bonnar fight was four years before 09 came out, you can't tell me THQ was starting to make the game then. The THQ deal was announced in 07 so I'd say at most two and a half years of developement before 09 came out. THQ built their engine from the ground up, EA looks to have taken a lot of elements from their fight night engine and tweaked it around MMA.
# 17 Stumbleweed @ 04/19/10 01:18 PM
I don't have a link, but Dana said that they had been working on the game's framework for nearly 4 years before release. They didn't have a publisher nailed down, but they were laying the groundwork back then... that's also around the time that he approached EA with it and they basically laughed in his face. They weren't actually coding and making the game that long ago, but unlike EA, the people behind the UFC game were already working on the concepts and groundwork for the final game well in advance.

EA is basically trying to modify Fight Night as cheaply and as easily as possible in order to make it work with MMA rather than building something from scratch with a crapload of pre-planning. Point being, I don't see this first effort being as good as the UFC's first effort because the advantage of having the FN engine to use is more than negated by the advantage of 4+ additional years of planning and knowledge that the UFC crew brought to the table with them. Not to mention that they've had issues implementing the FN engine into an MMA setting and have probably spent almost as much time tweaking it to work passably as they would have to just do the game from the ground up.
# 18 JoeMimic @ 04/19/10 01:23 PM
It makes sense though, you'd think they would've had something to show the UFC to make them partner up with them.

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