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Along with the world premiere trailer and first details for Madden NFL 11, Spike TV will also show the first look at Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 using the Sony Move. Make sure you check it out on Spike TV at Midnight, Thursday.

"Also on Thursday's EA Sports Special on Spike, we give you the first look at TIGER WOODS PGA TOUR on PS3 using Sony Move!"

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# 1 TreyIM2 @ 04/20/10 11:30 PM
Bought TW PGA 10 for my nephew who has a Wii and it was pretty fun. First time playing it, I almost actually beat him, although he'd had been playing the game longer than me. I wanna see what an HD Tiger Woods with motion controls looks like.
# 2 OnlookerDelay @ 04/20/10 11:38 PM
I've got my DVR set up to record this now... thanks for the heads-up! I rarely watch Spike TV because my cable provider only offers Spike in SD, and I'm spoiled now by HD. I see that this will be a segment of Spike's GTTV, which I've never seen. Curious to see how much they show and how many other "undisclosed" features of Tiger Woods 11 will be revealed during this program.
# 3 OnlookerDelay @ 04/21/10 09:54 AM
I didn't realize that Spike carried GTTV. It looks like you can see GTTV's regular programs on Gametrailers.com, but this one isn't listed in their upcoming shows. It appears to be a special, which I guess is why it isn't listed at the Gametrailers homepage yet. I rarely watch Spike, but it's mostly because it's not delivered in HD by my cable service.... I'm spoiled rotten by HD and it really has to be something special to get me to watch SD again
# 4 DivotMaker @ 04/23/10 04:01 PM
Originally Posted by backbreaker
From watching the show last night, it appears to be nothing more than a Wii port. Which is disappointing knowing all the tech in this controller. I mean Sony finally gets the Ram under 50mb, The Move controller is reported to only take up to 2mb of memory and all we appear to get is a Wii port.

I don't understand how they couldn't take advantage of the 3D camera mode as part of this game being able to use the move to scan the greens was an simple evolution, it boggles the mind sometime.

All the guys said in the brief video when Geoff asked what to do, this dude(EA designer) said just feel it, wow.
In order for EA to get more out of the Move, they would need to spend a tremendous amount of resources to get the most out of the device for what...6 - 8 months of usage before TW12 comes out. The PS3 version of TW10 is a distant 3rd in sales behind the Wii (which outsold both PS3/360 combined so far) so to spend huge amounts of resources to support a device which won't come out for months after the game is released is not a big deal to me. I do expect them to spend resources on TW12 to get all they can out of the device as well as Natal. Keep in mind that EA has a few months post-release of TW11 to polish the Move's capabilities and if they can match the Wiimote with Motion + for TW11, I will be one happy camper....TOUR Pro using the True View camera in TW11 for Wii is incredible and if we get that for the PS3 version for the Move, it will be even better....
# 5 DivotMaker @ 04/23/10 06:30 PM
Originally Posted by backbreaker
I just saw what the Tour Pro Vid and that is pretty good. In this mode, will it let you peruse the green and scope your putt from different angles? in full 3D?
No. However, they do have different camera angles for TrueView, but the only ones I have see were the ones in the video....I played the game in Feb at TW Community Day....
# 6 OnlookerDelay @ 05/01/10 09:10 AM
Originally Posted by backbreaker
If you get the opportunity to suggest something in the near future. If you seen the puppet gif I posted in how it can track your body http://i41.tinypic.com/2558l60.jpg asked them to map this too your torso and arms and make your body part of the experience. Watch this gif of this move fighting game which takes advantage of the puppet gif http://i44.tinypic.com/in4f2p.jpg

I think this would be a great experience to the game.
I agree that this torso/hip/leg mapping could take golf gaming to levels I couldn't have imagined possible, even two years ago! Right now it's mostly limited to arm movements and wrist rotation (as opposed to wrist snap) with the Move and the Wii Motion Plus, but imagine how much more engaging the the experience would be if we could enhance our power with hip and leg movements? Of course this would be a disadvantage for those who have switched to the stack & tilt swing technique
# 7 Triggerfish @ 05/02/10 04:06 PM
hey..don't knock the basics of S&T unless you tried it the way they say and not some reviewer says. :-)
# 8 OnlookerDelay @ 05/02/10 07:13 PM
Originally Posted by Triggerfish
hey..don't knock the basics of S&T unless you tried it the way they say and not some reviewer says. :-)
I'm not sure I'd want to try S&T for fear it would mess up what I've got in the way of a swing, if it didn't work out. If I was in my 20's right now, I'd probably give it a go.

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