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IGN has just posted their hands-on preview of NCAA Football 11.

"When I first laid my eyes on NCAA Football 11, the difference between this year's NFL game was instantly noticeable. NCAA just looks more -- to put it frankly -- real. This year's game is designed for the true college football fan with a more realistic look to its player models and overall graphical style. Everything from the skin of the players to the sky above looks wonderfully detailed.

Obviously, after a short preview, I can't say whether EA Sports has succeeded in its effort to deliver a truly authentic college football game, but by the outward appearance of the game I saw in New York and the direction they say they're going, I'd say the developers at Tiburon are well on their way.

Locomotion is perhaps the simplest of all of the additions for the new game. In layman's terms, it makes every animation in the game smoother. More accurately, it makes the transitions between the animations more seamless and it gives players more realistic physical behaviors on the field. So while it doesn't necessarily add thousands of moves, it does make the current list of moves look much more natural on the field. You'll see players with accurate amounts of momentum given their speed, corners who can catch up to wide receivers in the open, and cuts by computer opponents that don't look like they were made by a robot. I hope it progresses from the state that I saw in New York, but what I saw was impressive."

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Member Comments
# 1 Lava @ 04/22/10 12:23 PM
Nice! Thanks, reading now.
# 2 gogators @ 04/22/10 12:27 PM
Ok... well that sounds promising and NOTHING like the video we saw the other day. If all this is true and the clean it up a little bit, we could have a good football game in our hands.
Still bummed that there is no virtual presentation of Nessler and Herbstreit, but as long as the game plays well I'll be happy.
# 3 da ThRONe @ 04/22/10 12:33 PM
The article adds hope! It sound like a fair assessment. This will be a really good game and coming from me that says alot.
# 4 Lava @ 04/22/10 12:36 PM
That was pretty good. No in-game models of Nessler and Herbsreit isn't a big deal, but I wonder if that means no gameday? I'm assuming he only played play now, which would mean that there's still the possibility.

We'll see, I suppose. Overall, it was a good write-up and the dual stick control sounds very nice.
# 5 NEOPARADIGM @ 04/22/10 12:38 PM
Someone in the promotions department at EA write this up? Thing reads like a sales pitch to me.
# 6 SageInfinite @ 04/22/10 12:46 PM
Sounds nice, but previews always sound nice.
# 7 Brandwin @ 04/22/10 12:57 PM
Originally Posted by SageInfinite
Sounds nice, but previews always sound nice.
# 8 eritraj @ 04/22/10 12:57 PM
"Not once in my handful of quarters played in NCAA Football 11 did I land a hit stick tackle -- and I liked it quite a bit."

Sweet...Hit stick is now obsolete...
# 9 prototype561 @ 04/22/10 12:58 PM
# 10 Solidice @ 04/22/10 01:03 PM
Originally Posted by prototype561
"allowing the CPU to decide when it's time to boost down the field (not unlike EA Sports' NHL game last year)."

I never played NHL, so I don't know how it'll work. but either way, it's an option, so you can turn it on/off.
# 11 cdon2k @ 04/22/10 01:08 PM
Yeah, that's what stood out to me as well (auto turbo). Basically, they seem to be transitioning to running being all left stick analog and while this year won't do it completely... auto turbo is a stepping stone towards the removal of the sprint button. I like it as it brings an emphasis on momentum, and it seems to work well in other games FIFA, NHL.

That said, this could be one of those features they added to make momentum easier to deal with for new players. This could be one of the things they spoke about when talking about making the game more simple.
# 12 bh446066 @ 04/22/10 01:11 PM
Phil? Phil Connors? Is that you?
# 13 lgxjames @ 04/22/10 01:12 PM
I don't think I've seen a bad preview of a game yet
# 14 GigemAGGIES13 @ 04/22/10 01:20 PM
Encouraging write-up, but I'll still wait for the real gameplay videos. Can't say I'm not excited though.
# 15 Lava @ 04/22/10 01:24 PM
Originally Posted by eritraj
"Not once in my handful of quarters played in NCAA Football 11 did I land a hit stick tackle -- and I liked it quite a bit."

Sweet...Hit stick is now obsolete...
That's not what he said, you just took his words out of context. He just said it's much more difficult to pull off now which is undoubtedly a good thing.

It was far too easy to spam the hitstick last year. Whenever you used it, you became a giant magnet for the ball carrier. It was ridiculous, there was no risk/reward, it was all reward.
# 16 boritter @ 04/22/10 01:25 PM
The reviewer sounded enthusiastic about NCAA11. But I do not trust IGN when it comes to sports. All IGN sports previews are the same.

The new onside kick camera sounds intriguing. This was the highlight for me:

"I saw the artificial intelligence (AI) had a much greater awareness of holes in the offensive line."

If the OL/DL AI and interactions are improved that will be great news.
# 17 pietasterp @ 04/22/10 01:31 PM
I call B.S.

Not based on having any experience with NCAA'11 (nobody does at this point), but based on the fact that IGN is generally full of it, and I trust their evaluation of sports games about as much as I trust the National Enquirer's evaluation of Elvis' current whereabouts. Need we go back and dig up previews of NCAA'10, '09, '08, etc.? They ALWAYS sound like this, and it's the exact same game every year.

The EA hype machine is down to a science at this point. IGN, Gamepro, Bill Simmons, etc. are basically just an extension of that.
# 18 cgraves45 @ 04/22/10 01:32 PM
I haven't heard a single bad thing come from anyone who was invited to play on Community Day. So hopefully it is alot better than what we saw on the gameplay videos.
# 19 Rashad19 @ 04/22/10 01:38 PM
Originally Posted by GigemAGGIES13
Encouraging write-up, but I'll still wait for the real gameplay videos. Can't say I'm not excited though.
My thoughts exactly!
# 20 Lava @ 04/22/10 01:39 PM
Some of you need to realize that previews are almost always optimistic. It's not because they've been bought off by EA or some other crazy conspiracy, it's because they get to see a lot of the good, new stuff, and they usually refrain from mentioning many of the issues because there's a chance they may be resolved before release.

Previews are meant to highlight the new additions and give a general feeling about the direction of the game, not be an extensive breakdown of all the pros and cons they've seen in an unfinished build.

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