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Check out the new Madden NFL 11 blog, featuring dual stick control.

"Of course, in previous versions of Madden NFL you could perform your standard jukes and spins on the right stick. With a flick to the left or right, a juke animation was executed. When the juke animation ended, you could start up another juke or a spin. In Madden NFL 11 with Dual Stick Control, you can now perform cut moves which are the foundation of the new juke and spin moves we've added. On its own, a cut move is a great way to fake out a defender or just make a quick direction change. The real power of cut moves are due to the fact that they represent the footwork that sets up jukes and spin moves.

After you've made a cut, you can start a juke animation by flicking the stick back the opposite direction of the cut you are currently in. If you want to break down and set up the defender before your juke, quickly flick left and right a few times and, whichever direction is flicked last, the ball carrier will juke in that direction. When in the open field with a bit more time to cut in one direction, wait for the defender to bite, if/when he does, quickly juke back the other way and leave him stumbling. Here is a video of the cut and juke moves."

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Member Comments
# 1 goodygoody @ 04/22/10 01:46 PM
much appreciated
# 2 dmick4324 @ 04/22/10 01:46 PM
Nice thanks, gonna read immediately .
# 3 ch46647 @ 04/22/10 01:58 PM
Now that is what I call a BLOG! Wow!!
# 4 djordan @ 04/22/10 02:01 PM
Good addition to the game!
# 5 Hotlanta @ 04/22/10 02:05 PM
This was up awhile ago. Was wondering when someone was gonna post it. Looks like there are 2 vids missing from it though.
# 6 TheKasmar @ 04/22/10 02:13 PM
The lean forward vid looks cool, but it doesn't mean much until I see how the defense reacts. Why not throw a defender or 2 in there so we can actually see what a collision looks like with a ball carrier leaning forward. Guess we may see tonight.
# 7 43Chargers4Now @ 04/22/10 02:16 PM
Thanks and i loved those videos!
# 8 coogrfan @ 04/22/10 02:21 PM
Sweet, and very NFL 2k-ish (by which I mean very nice indeed ). I can't wait to try this out.
# 9 SouthernBrick @ 04/22/10 02:22 PM
Good read. Great amount of videos(didn't expect that).

All I can do is hope they implement this stuff right. I'm guessing we'll later and get a little glimpse of If this game is going to be better than it was last year. Trailers usually don't mean much and I'm not expecting this one to.
# 10 mvb34 @ 04/22/10 02:40 PM
Will we have dual control for defense or we gotta wait for Madden 12
# 11 PantherBeast_OS @ 04/22/10 02:44 PM
I love it. It's nice the Both football groups are making their games less caned animation this year and more realism. Thanks for posting. Good read.
# 12 RGiles36 @ 04/22/10 02:53 PM
This blog explains all the cool stuff I was pulling off back at CD ...

Most of us noticed the new right stick stuff, but I didn't realize how contextual it was. Very cool!
# 13 ChicagoChris @ 04/22/10 02:55 PM
My thoughts:

* First spin move in the video actually looks like...a spin move.....nice to see!
* The override video example adds some depth to the QB. Takes the stiffness out of the QB IMO.
*The progressive leaning in the lean_fwd video is intriguing. I am hoping that an upright truck has a lessened effect than lowering your shoulder completely.
* The leaning too far video is very nice as well. I like that there is a penalty to leaning too much/too often.

Should be interesting to see this in action in the videos!
# 14 ch46647 @ 04/22/10 02:57 PM
Rgiles, in the NCAA ign article the writer said hit stick effectiveness was tuned waaay down, to the point where he didnt remember connecting with one "hit stick" tackle.

Can you comment on "hit stick" effectiveness? Will people finally use the regular tackle button instead of the hit stick vacume tackle we always get sucked into?
# 15 SouthernBrick @ 04/22/10 03:07 PM
Originally Posted by mvb34
Will we have dual control for defense or we gotta wait for Madden 12
Yeah I could see it on the defensive side of the ball to. Especially with the new way of trucking players could also be used in a similar way for tackling. Instead of just flicking up and down the new lean system could maybe work in place of that. I think it could make bigger hits more difficult and give the player a better feeling of the missing risk/reward of trying to land a big blow.

I don't know If It would work at all but, maybe something similar could be implemented for tackling.
# 16 TreyIM2 @ 04/22/10 03:24 PM
FRESH! Ha. This was a bit more in depth than the Gamespot article, although this seemed to be missing vids, based on how the author kept speaking on vids to the right, which there were none.

Either way, I look forward to getting my hands on the demo to really see what's what.
# 17 ty5oke @ 04/22/10 04:50 PM
Pretty good blog done by EA. Kudos to them on that one.
# 18 SouthernBrick @ 04/22/10 05:10 PM
Originally Posted by Segagendude
I remember a blog from last year showing player's emotions and how they look where the ball is.(Awareness)

I was so pumped, but then barely saw a difference in the actual game.

I hope this isn't going to be a repeat, because these running blogs look outstanding.

Not trying to be a Debbie Downer, just still optimistic, is all.
Exactly why I'm skeptical.

They showed us these exact type vids last year that looked like improvement and the running looked nothing like they showed us once we saw and got the game in our hands. Hope they actually get it done right this time. First impressions count and hopefully they put out a good trailer to get some of my hopes up.
# 19 lolfalconsbeatu @ 04/22/10 05:19 PM
Im not gonna lie, I'm excited about this new running stuff. EA seems to really understand that 'Canned' animations should slowly be weaved out, and everything SHOULD be based on Physics, not just stuff that is "In the Game", so they just "Throw it in the video game".

Is the game perfect? Nah, but I can see the polish they are putting on this gameplay stuff. Loved the detail of the blog--and I especially love that technically they are not adding anything new, they are polishing stuff up.
# 20 ODogg @ 04/22/10 05:26 PM
I hate to be another Debbie Downer, and havent' watched the videos yet, but some of you guys bring up a great point, we get these videos every year and then the actual game doesn't have the stuff from the videos in it. I wonder if they create these videos with the intention of getting it into the game but then it just proves difficult and ends up cut a lot of the time.

So take these videos with a huge grain of salt. I'm talking like the grain of salt is like a big, white dining room table size of salt.

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