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Are you more of an offline or online gamer? For those voting on the homepage, the poll is on the right side.

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# 1 z Revis @ 04/26/10 04:43 PM
Depends on what I'm playing. Since this is a sports site I assume we're mostly talking about sports games so I chose offline as I'm primarily a franchise/dynasty/legacy etc. kinda guy for sports titles.

Overall though, including every other type of game out there, I'd say it's about 50/50. I play online 99% of the time, aside from beating the campaign when I first get the game, with FPS games like COD, Halo, Battlefield, etc.
# 2 BlackJack_Williams @ 04/26/10 04:46 PM
Sports? I'm an offline player.

Everything else AKA First person shooters, ONLINE... Especially Battlefield 2 lol
# 3 xlegendkillax @ 04/26/10 04:47 PM
When Online Dynasty released, I definately prefer playing online dynasties more than offline now. But I've always been an offline sports gamer.
# 4 Lava @ 04/26/10 04:47 PM
About 50/50 if you include online dynasty.
# 5 JayBee74 @ 04/26/10 04:48 PM
When I was playing Halo a lot it was like 95% Online, but now it's 50/50 at best.
# 6 Steve_OS @ 04/26/10 04:51 PM
50/50 here.
# 7 lolfalconsbeatu @ 04/26/10 04:51 PM
Online All Day...CPU is no competition...

And the rare times they are, I cant talk trash to the computer, its always more sweeter to another human.
# 8 prowler @ 04/26/10 04:51 PM
I voted offline but there needs to be a fourth option for Backbreaker.
# 9 TracerBullet @ 04/26/10 04:55 PM
Originally Posted by prowler
I voted offline but there needs to be a fourth option for Backbreaker.

I voted 50/50. It closer to 60% offline 40% online. Sports are mostly offline, but shooters generally are online.
# 10 stlstudios189 @ 04/26/10 05:06 PM
offline only for now. Online dynasty is something I may try this year with Madden 11 but, I only get to play 1 game a day if I'm lucky.
# 11 richinspirit @ 04/26/10 05:11 PM
like most people on here, sports offline with chises and seasons and be a pro modes and all that. FPS games, online all the way. racked up far too many hours of COD waiting for The Show!
# 12 Sheamazin @ 04/26/10 05:15 PM
Mainly offline. Probably 60/40.
I like to play MLB offline but I'd rather play football online.
# 13 T3B0W @ 04/26/10 05:18 PM

Purely because I don't have many mates who venture online. As I've said, that should change now I am a member here and if we take the same poll in one years time I'd hope to be more inclined to vote 'online'.
# 14 CeltBhoy33 @ 04/26/10 05:29 PM
Sports Offline
anything else online most of the time.
# 15 Solidice @ 04/26/10 05:29 PM
for sports games I'm mostly an offline player(Dynasty/Franchise/Legacy/etc. modes).

my first time I played any sports game online was when I beta tested for Xbox Live(we had online only copies of NFL Fever) i didn't play online again until NCAA Football '05 on Xbox, played 2 games and didn't really enjoy it. didn't try to play online again until NCAA Football '09 for Online Dynasty. even then most my time was offline. I also play in an OD for NCAA Football 10, but again majority of my time was with offline.
# 16 LingeringRegime @ 04/26/10 05:47 PM
Depends on what I play.

Sports games are usually offline.

Fighting/FPS are usually online.

So 50/50 for me.
# 17 boritter @ 04/26/10 05:49 PM

Sports = offline due to dynasty-type modes

Shooters = online
# 18 TreyIM2 @ 04/26/10 05:52 PM
Mostly an offliner, myself. I play friends/fam online, rarely, and every once in a while, I MIGHT get in a game with some random person.
# 19 duke776 @ 04/26/10 06:08 PM
Offline definitely. I really only play sports and GTA type games though, so there's a big reason for it.

Back on the original xbox I had a free 1 month trial of xbox live and really only played it a little. Just about everytime it was against one of my friends, and I live like 2 minutes away from them so I didn't find much reason to play online when it's more fun to play offline against friends. Only time I felt it was useful was for late night games.

I could see myself get into online gaming maybe 5 or more years down the road once me and my brother move out, and play some online dynasties with him since we won't be able to play them together offline anymore. Other than that, I don't see much reason to play online for me.
# 20 RedRaiderX @ 04/26/10 06:11 PM
All of my gaming is Offline. I've had some bad experiences that left a bad taste in my mouth as far as online gaming is concerned. The day all gaming is online only (which is how it feels like it's going with games like WOW and MAG being very popular) is the day I stop. I cannot, repeat, cannot play Madden without the ability to just sit there and match wits with the CPU.

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