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Check out some of these new Madden NFL 11 screenshots.

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# 1 Reggie16 @ 04/26/10 06:07 PM
graphics look worse imo im guessing its not final but im still looking forward to the game!!
# 2 canes21 @ 04/26/10 06:08 PM
A new kicking meter?

The game planning reminds me of head coach in a way too.

Graphics don't really looked to be changed too much, but they're definitely better and not worse.
# 3 Tengo Juego @ 04/26/10 06:08 PM
Visors still dont fit the facemask right. But these shots looks much better than the Tebow shot from yesterday. First look at the kicking meter.
# 4 TreyIM2 @ 04/26/10 06:26 PM
I guess from all the screen shots they keep putting out that Madden 11 WON'T have the new lighting that NCAA 11 has, although dude from EA said that the new lighting isn't in yet (today's Destructoid preview article). That's bothering me, a lot. Not to mention that graphic overlay still looks like Madden 10, although that's not in today's new screenshots.
# 5 TreyIM2 @ 04/26/10 06:27 PM
Oops, the same old graphic overlay IS in one of today's new pics. Grrr...
# 6 bxgoods @ 04/26/10 06:35 PM
Looks good, hopefully they fix the defense
# 7 ZoneKIller @ 04/26/10 06:35 PM
Tim Tebow has the WRONG helmet,but right facemask.
# 8 lolfalconsbeatu @ 04/26/10 06:36 PM
looks good -- kudos to the art department, out of all the departments in Madden, the Art department never lets me down.
# 9 MrSkagTrendy @ 04/26/10 06:39 PM
Sanchez and Ryan look SWEET
# 10 cdk10 @ 04/26/10 06:40 PM
Ahhh...another year of the ponytail....
# 11 Hassan Darkside @ 04/26/10 06:41 PM
No ESPN integration in Madden?
# 12 sniperhare @ 04/26/10 06:42 PM
The crowd still seems weird somehow. It should be a 1:1 scale of an actual NFL stadium, when a player gets near the edge of the wall I don't want to see tiny people in the stands.
# 13 jeremym480 @ 04/26/10 06:46 PM
Looks good to me..

I also welcome the kicking meter and the game plan feature intrigues me, as well. I wish they would somehow incorporate linking play's like in NCAA 10.
# 14 bxgoods @ 04/26/10 06:51 PM
I pray they fixed the effectiveness of 3-4 defenses or gameflow will fail
# 15 BADOW757 @ 04/26/10 06:52 PM
Tebow's helmet isn't wrong, he wears a Revolution and that is a Revolution in the pic. It just looks weird because they still haven't managed to correctly display the Revolution helmet and facemasks. If you look close you can see that C.J. is wearing Nike cleats. I hope this means that we are also going to be getting Nike gloves, because most of the NFL chooses Nike over Reebok gloves. The visor clips are still upside down and FLOATING on the facemask and they NEED to be fixed. The most impressive screen is the one of Ryan, Sanchez, Ferguson, and Holmes. The faces are on point and the body types look good as well.
# 16 sniperhare @ 04/26/10 07:01 PM
Originally Posted by jeremym480
Looks good to me..

I also welcome the kicking meter and the game plan feature intrigues me, as well. I wish they would somehow incorporate linking play's like in NCAA 10.
The linking play thing seems like a gimmick. I want the AI to be fooled, not build up points to get a boost on a play later on in the game. Awareness should make defenders bite on play fakes or not and the defensive coordinator's ratings should tie into that.

I'm tired of defenders automatically knowing I'm running a delayed handoff when I line up with one back and 3 WR's in a shotgun on 3rd & 5. That should catch them off guard.
# 17 econoodle @ 04/26/10 07:56 PM
Originally Posted by Ruff Ryder
No ESPN integration in Madden?
i was thinking that when i saw the same overlay.
but its still 3 1/2 months away. they could be using the EA SPORTS logo as a placeholder until they announce network style presentation as an official feature. if they do at all.
# 18 davjaffe @ 04/26/10 08:19 PM
Am I the only one who thinks that the player models are looking inferior to those in NCAA 11?
# 19 TrapStar215 @ 04/26/10 10:12 PM
i like how the visor clips are still not on the facemask. smh!
# 20 GrnEyedBanditTN @ 04/26/10 10:32 PM
If you look close enough at Chris Johnson's cleats as well as in one of the Drew Brees screens on Pasta Padre's sight, it looks like both are wearing Nike (look at the toe area)!

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