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IGN has posted a Q&A session with Stephen Hood, Chief Designer of F1 2010, as they go over the handling in the game.

IGN: "Formula 1 games in general have lacked a certain spark over the past couple of generations, particularly regarding the feel of the cars themselves what is F1 2010 doing to avoid making the same pitfalls as previous takes on the licence?"

Stephen: "Myself and the Senior Producer joined Codemasters specifically to play a part on Formula One and many of the team are revelling in this opportunity. If ever a company could return Formula One to its rightful place, it's Codemasters. I don't think anyone would doubt our ability to inject new life into the series. At the same time we've never lost sight of what the game has to deliver, what it's all about - handling. We're our own biggest critics and I think we've got the right people in place when it comes to car handling. Formula One is all about fractions of a second in qualifying, consistency during the races which brings strategy into play and the thrill of pushing a car to its limit when needed most."

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