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Gamervision has posted their hands-on preview of Madden NFL 11.

"Other slight changes that we didnít really get a look at include more frequent and varied replays, better pre-game presentation, and much more in-depth Super Bowl celebrations. A few changes made their way to the front-end menu system, like players representing their team on the team select screen instead of the teamís logo, and even easier to understand menus. Both Ultimate Team and the AFL DLC will be part of the game from the very start this year, as well as a new quick play mode that throws two players right into the Super Bowl. EAís also captured every single starting quarterbackís and coachís face to use in game. Last yearís facial reproductions were pretty decent, but Madden 11ís character models are among the best in gaming. Well, at least the ones for players that got their faces captured. While I didnít get to see it in action, the game will actually prompt you when it believes thereís a challengeable play. Iím not too sure how I feel about this yet because I donít want the game to tell me every single time the officials blew a call. Since it didnít happen while I played, I canít say one way or another whether or not this new feature is a good thing. It might end up being a great help, but if the call is overturned every time the game alerts me, Iím going to be pretty disappointed. Challenging plays is a gamble, and taking all the risk out of using one takes away from the game a bit."

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I really liked the way that preview was written. Seems like the writer has a lot of our interests in mind regarding Madden.

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