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Gameinformer has posted NCAA Football 11: Making a Monument. In this article they show TCF Bank Stadium, which makes its debut in NCAA Football 11. The studio gives us a sneak peak at what it looks like in the game and discusses how the team took its raw photos and turned them into a virtual stadium.

"The team works on to make sure the final wireframe (created in the 3D program Maya) is an accurate model before it gets put into the game proper, including representing all the trees as rectangles. When compared to the shot above, notice how the buildings immediately around the stadium are modeled as opposed to the some of the horizon landmarks further in the distance, which have been omitted entirely. This will be relevant later when the team determines the in-game stadium's entire background."

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# 21 jhogan3132 @ 04/29/10 08:08 AM
Great find. It cool to see how the stadiums come to life! Is it July yet?
# 22 Drocks @ 04/29/10 10:08 AM
As a Minnesota fan...this is epic lol. I love it. They even rendered it closer than I was anticipating. Can't wait to get my hands on this game for real.
# 23 Jessep07 @ 04/29/10 08:17 PM
I can't lie, I'm a little bummed that there were no new videos/info that came out today...
# 24 NDFan1029 @ 04/29/10 10:24 PM
The fans have been my biggest gripe with this game since it first came to the next-gen consoles. If they could get realistic crowds the way we see them in all of the NBA games, I would pay double the price for the game and be a buyer every year. There really is no excuse for there having been literally no improvements to the fans since this game was first created. There have been 2D fans in games since the PS1 days...no reason for a next-gen console to have the same limited amount of detail.
# 25 NDFan1029 @ 04/29/10 10:29 PM
Backbreaker has the luxury of taking 4 years to develop because none of their rosters or teams are based off of real teams, so they never change. That's why theirs is so much better looking on the field AND in the crowd.
# 26 Madwolf @ 04/29/10 10:30 PM
Originally Posted by markees007
The show has excellent fans.
I wouldn't say that. You can really tell it's about 12 different models. All of the like models do the same animation at the same time. It looks really bad at times.
# 27 TastyRambo @ 04/29/10 11:00 PM
fifa world cup has nice pretty good looking fans imo. also the announcers and crowd do a good job of recognizing when a big play is happening such as a goal almost being scored hitting off the post, the crowd loudens and the announcer is raising his voice and getting all excited. We need this more in NCAA during big plays and in crucial times of the game.
# 28 mrprice33 @ 04/29/10 11:20 PM
regardless, is this what it's come to? arguing and complaining about fans?! really?
# 29 mrprice33 @ 04/29/10 11:41 PM
Man, it must be April/May, because you all have sure run out of things to talk about.

With all the problems this game has, the fact that we are having an argument about fans and how they look, and the fact that said argument is spanning multiple threads is, in my opinion, ridiculous.
# 30 moylan1234 @ 04/29/10 11:46 PM
Originally Posted by mrprice33
Man, it must be April/May, because you all have sure run out of things to talk about.

With all the problems this game has, the fact that we are having an argument about fans and how they look, and the fact that said argument is spanning multiple threads, is in, my opinion, ridiculous.
oh my god it's not ridiculous at all. we've haven't had a blog in a week and this is the info that's been put out so people are giving their impressions on it which is exactly what this board is for. If you don't like what's beeing talked abou in the thread don't post about it, very simple.
# 31 Drocks @ 04/30/10 08:37 AM
I don't think there is any argument, really. The fans don't look nearly as good as they could. That is just fact. He's entitled to "complain" or bring it up. I didn't think he was over the top with it, he was just pointing out the fact that they could do better, which they could, no question about it.

Though I will say, I think people need to relax about Backbreaker until we see the game come out and we can see ALL of the warts like we do with EA Sports games since people have been studying them for the last 5 years for this current gen.
# 32 whodidit4 @ 04/30/10 01:43 PM
Originally Posted by Bigdmo9999
I really don't understand why you people keep coming into threads and deeming certain topics stupid to argue about.
Do you think maybe it is because people are tired of going to every thread and seeing constant complaining by you? It is impossible to read anything right now without your pessimistic views splattered everywhere.
Originally Posted by Bigdmo9999
Fans still look like crap
Originally Posted by Bigdmo9999
Trainers, fans, unrealistic ESPN camera angles
Originally Posted by Bigdmo9999
its unrealistic and pretty stupid looking
Originally Posted by Bigdmo9999
No offense but these are horrible
Basically no one but yourself can comment on what they feel is important to them, they would be wrong in doing so. No one’s opinion is weighted more than yours, the rest of our opinion’s mean squat. As long as you are happy, then the game is perfect, but until then, everyone else needs to stop voicing their opinions and just agree with everything you say.
Originally Posted by Bigdmo9999
I couldn't give a **** what you think is more important. The issue in my mind at the moment is the unrealistic "authentic" ESPN broadcast that I'M ALWAYS GOING TO SEE WHEN I PLAY THE GAME.
I would quote how many times you say the game is “unrealistic,” but apparently after all these years, you still haven’t realized you are playing a video game.
# 33 Bill1 @ 05/01/10 10:39 AM
I'M also a Gophers fan and saw this and it look great.

I hope in the final game, they have the Gophers on the right sideline. in the link to the pics, they have them on the wrong sideline. it no big deal.

Also did anyone notice, in one of the pic, they have Bucky Badgers in it. i was like wtf.
# 34 IN13NSE @ 05/01/10 02:13 PM
Originally Posted by Bigdmo9999
1. Ignore feature
2. This is a public forum, I never said anyone couldn't voice their opinion, I have never said my opinion has more weight, I have never degraded someone else's opinion, once again, ignore feature
3. I have realized I'm playing a video game, a video game that STRIVES to be real. Obviously every year they make more and more of an effort to create something similar to REAL life. Its not my fault they are doing that, so don't blame me when I point out unrealistic things in their game. Blame them for making it realistic.
I agree with all your points but, I feel like you are always negative just to keep your reputation. I don't think I have seen a comment by you that was praising anything that has been done. Which makes me think that you just do this for attention. You almost like getting into these conversations... boosts your ego.
# 35 countryboy @ 05/01/10 03:28 PM
but yet if the fans were full scale 3D and the gameplay hadn't been adjusted to the point it seems to have been, then there would be complaining about how EA focused on getting the fans right, but forgot about what matters most.

If I'm EA..after having posted all the info that I have, I'd take having people complain about my replay camera angles and the fact the fans are 2D.

But thats just me.
# 36 Vanman2425 @ 05/04/10 10:28 AM
After skipping through most of this thread, I just wanted to say that as a U of M grad, I'm pumped for this game. I didn't pick it up last year, but the Bank looks awesome, and I'm going to have to buy this year. The Minneapolis skyline is very detailed and looks great! It looks like it turned out better than I though it would, I can't wait for this game now.
# 37 cbc72 @ 05/04/10 12:20 PM
I love the Bucky Badger snuck in there.

# 38 ditchrider1 @ 05/04/10 10:02 PM
Well Congratulations Gopher fans your new stadium looks great. I have this sick feeling that us Akron Zip fans are going to get screwed again this year and not have our new stadium that opened last year just like yours.


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