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IGN has posted their first look at Test Drive Unlimited 2.

"But like the first Test Drive Unlimited, this sequel isn't just about racing. Test Drive Unlimited 2 is designed to celebrate a luxury lifestyle in a number of ways, from expensive cars to lavish homes. The game tells a "rags to riches" story, so players will be earning money to purchase new items, be it clothing or new cars. It's great to see a racing game that pays attention to elements outside of traditional races, as a lot of care has gone into designing the game's interior environments. These environments are feasible because Test Drive Unlimited 2 allows players to walk around the game world with their avatar in first-person. More importantly, almost any location in-game is also a location where other players can meet up and socialize."

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# 1 str8artist @ 04/29/10 07:21 AM
Nice, looking forward to this title...TDU>forza IMO
# 2 Pete1210 @ 04/29/10 08:14 AM
This will be my next racing game.
# 3 tc23 @ 04/29/10 11:27 AM
Really enjoyed the last one on the 360. This is going to be a must buy for me
# 4 AnArtofWar @ 05/01/10 02:55 PM
Looks good...I haven't had a racing game that I have liked since Midnight Club 2. I wish that it had customization though. Unless I missed that piece.
# 5 mm boost @ 05/05/10 01:43 PM
You missed that piece
# 6 Tomba @ 05/08/10 01:42 AM
Quite simply ...loved the first one.

it being in ibiza(never been) i am more or less not so interested...
# 7 bkfount @ 05/08/10 12:35 PM
TDU 2 is real!!!

I'm not really digging the sims stuff, but who cares as long as the racing is still fun.
# 8 SouthernBrick @ 05/11/10 12:37 AM
Is there any motorcycles in this one?

I think I bought a Test drive title in the past and It had bikes in them I believe.
# 9 Behindshadows @ 05/12/10 05:17 PM
Originally Posted by SouthernBrick
Is there any motorcycles in this one?

I think I bought a Test drive title in the past and It had bikes in them I believe.
The first TDU had motorcycles...and a heck of a lot of them.

I remember building a bike club with friends and we were constantly street racing all over the map.

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