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For some of the lucky UFC 2010 Undisputed community site members, you can download the demo now. If you registered correctly and on time, you can get your code by clicking the "rewards" tab on their site.

Please post your impressions here.

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# 1 jb12780 @ 04/29/10 09:37 PM
Got mine. DL in progress.
# 2 allBthere @ 04/29/10 09:43 PM
Wow! really nice. I had a good match against rashad on experienced using rua. MT is much better as is move variety. Even though the game looks faster, it's not really. The controls are a bit 'sticky' ...for example I would throw 1,2,3's and not have the straights register...so in other words you could weak punch faster in '09. Getting hit can still stop you from striking but it looks better, like a leg kick will kind of just putter away after getting bombed in the face. The clinch game is a lot better.

Overall I'm happy because there is so much more variety.

( I ko'd rashad in the 2nd via knee's btw...straight ko, no tko ish lol)
# 3 toine2983 @ 04/29/10 09:47 PM
You serious?

How did you get your code?
# 4 jerk @ 04/29/10 09:48 PM
I thought my code wasn't working because I live in canada, but I mistook and 8 for a B. Haha I got too excited
# 5 jerk @ 04/29/10 09:49 PM
Its up on the site buddy. Just click the rewards section.
# 6 jb12780 @ 04/29/10 09:51 PM
Man this takes a while to DL lol.
# 7 allBthere @ 04/29/10 09:52 PM
Originally Posted by MC Fatigue
Is the AI any better? One of my biggest complaints from last year - the AI sucked. Too easy.
I would say so, but it's hard without having a hundred fights. I just got ko'd by rampage using lyoto in the 2nd. He slammed me twice and was boxing really nicely. I was trying to stay on the outside and pick him apart, but he kept stalking me and really laying a beat down with the punches. I got ko'd right as I was trying ot experiment with sways. I still have 2 more diff levels to go, so I'm pretty happy...i mean i just played 09's demo yesterday and was able to strike easily with eather guy at expert ...so yeah, I def think this one is harder...there's just more going on if that makes sense.
# 8 Tracy Mcgrady 1 @ 04/29/10 09:52 PM

150min remaining until it get finished
# 9 Gotmadskillzson @ 04/29/10 09:54 PM
Yo how is the leg kicks looking ?????? They do any damage or what ?
# 10 jb12780 @ 04/29/10 09:54 PM
Originally Posted by Tracy Mcgrady 1

150min remaining until it get finished

Get your popcorn ready. (Or the Godfather trilogy.)
# 11 p_rushing @ 04/29/10 09:54 PM
Machida (ME) vs Rua, on easy, man I forgot a lot of the buttons

I won easiles with a sub, was trying to do the sub switching but can't see it in the list and can't figure it out. Ground game is better, I got stuck on the cage in round 1 and got thrown down. I'll move up to experienced after playing a few more times.
# 12 allBthere @ 04/29/10 09:56 PM
Rampage is crazy...he just kmtfo again! Sway takes getting used to.

- I really like it, but I for sure think throwing a 1,2 takes too long in this one. Maybe it's faster as a boxer, i'll have to try ramp and rashad soon. I just have to beat ramp first, that pissed me off!
# 13 Gotmadskillzson @ 04/29/10 09:59 PM
Damn everybody and their mama must have the code in my town..........this going super slow........only 52% complete
# 14 Dcooks @ 04/29/10 10:04 PM
Originally Posted by Gotmadskillzson
Damn everybody and their mama must have the code in my town..........this going super slow........only 52% complete
Lucky im at 12%.lol
# 15 toine2983 @ 04/29/10 10:04 PM
Originally Posted by jerk
Its up on the site buddy. Just click the rewards section.

Thanks man.

I checked the site and my code was there dowloading now.
# 16 Gotmadskillzson @ 04/29/10 10:05 PM
Yeah I know.......but hey it is what it is.......I can just transport my questions here....LOL

1. Leg kicks ??????? Damage immediately or does it get worser over the rounds or both ?

2. New subs ??????

3. Cage work ? You feeling them or what ? Game changer if mastered maybe ?

4. Sways ? Good thing or bad thing or maybe both ?
# 17 rhall737 @ 04/29/10 10:07 PM
My demo just stopped at 652mb and its not getting any farther.
# 18 p_rushing @ 04/29/10 10:07 PM
I was trying out leg kicks, Rua vs Machida (ME). I killing his legs and it did look like he was moving around different. He also stopped coming close and was staying out of range of the kicks. Then in the 3rd, I knocked him down with a knee to the body, but let him up. Mistake there, he KO me with a 1-2 punch.

This was on easy and it does look like it works somewhat, but will need player vs player to see if movement is really effected.
# 19 Gotmadskillzson @ 04/29/10 10:11 PM
Damn it I am just at 68%........too many MMA heads in northwest indiana I swear.
# 20 jb12780 @ 04/29/10 10:11 PM
Originally Posted by MC Fatigue
Ok this game feels NOTHING like 2009. It feels completely new. The ground game, the stand up, the postures, the movement, the attacks.

it feels entirely like a new game.

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