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EA Sports have posted another NCAA Football 11 blog. This one showcases the pregame entrances.

"Pageantry and Tradition; two words commonly used to describe what separates college football as one of the greatest experiences in sports today. Contrary to popular belief, not all of the action takes place on the field... and one of the hallmarks of collegiate football is how you get there. From Howard's Rock at Clemson, to the "Play like a Champion Today" sign at Notre Dame, to the roar of the crowd as our favorite team takes the field, we've recreated some of your favorite traditions before kickoff and brought them to you like never before.

As I wrote in my last blog, we really wanted to strengthen our authenticity and presentation in NCAA 11. And to do that, we knew pregame entrances were a major component of building a great foundation. We've created run outs for some of the most popular schools based on who you pledged your loyalty to in last year's title, including Clemson, Notre Dame, Miami, Nebraska, Florida, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia Tech, Florida State, and more."

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# 1 Icebergz @ 05/04/10 05:02 PM
Nice! Looks to be a lot of entrances!
# 2 da ThRONe @ 05/04/10 05:03 PM
Expected but still nice to see. The cheerleaders still have no team logos. And Im hoping its more than the teams they showed.
# 3 NEOPARADIGM @ 05/04/10 05:04 PM
# 4 mr janny @ 05/04/10 05:04 PM
Originally Posted by Icebergz
Nice! Looks to be a lot of entrances!
It's hard not to get excited about this year's game. EA appears to be listening to the fans on a lot of things.
# 5 Jr. @ 05/04/10 05:05 PM
looks pretty sick
# 6 RayAllen20 @ 05/04/10 05:07 PM
just jaw-dropping graphics
# 7 Rashad19 @ 05/04/10 05:08 PM
I love it! I am really starting to get excited about this game!!! Must avoid hype train!! Must avoid hype train!!
# 8 da ThRONe @ 05/04/10 05:10 PM
Originally Posted by ConVick
Pretty cool. It didn't look like what I thought it would, but still looks cool
Yeah I thought it would be from an aerial veiw and would tie into the band crap the added last year.
# 9 GJEM @ 05/04/10 05:11 PM
Originally Posted by Rashad19
I love it! I am really starting to get excited about this game!!! Must avoid hype train!! Must avoid hype train!!
# 10 NEOPARADIGM @ 05/04/10 05:17 PM
Originally Posted by theant1h3ro
Wish they would have showed Va Tech's hopefully its got Enter Sandman and everything ...
Highly doubtful, but there's Custom Sounds. One of the first things I thought about, actually: I'll be upset if they didn't add another Custom Stadium Sounds slot for the entrances. I'm sure they did, though. They can be dumb, but they're not that dumb.
# 11 Tengo Juego @ 05/04/10 05:18 PM
All the way down to the click-clack from the cleats. Looked great. Wish Nebraska would have made the trailer though
# 12 Dr Death @ 05/04/10 05:19 PM
As I am going to play an Off-line dynasty w/ a created team it is going to be fun filling out the schedule each year... because I'll be going on the road to all those places that have cool entrances...
# 13 Lava @ 05/04/10 05:22 PM
Good blog. I wish they would've said how many they got in, though.
# 14 countryboy @ 05/04/10 05:26 PM
# 15 cparrish @ 05/04/10 05:27 PM
Man, I cannot wait for this game. I just started playing 10 again, and I really notice the dry presentation. Excited to see some new and fresh presentation with 11.
# 16 Papi34 @ 05/04/10 05:27 PM
FINALLY we get the entrances back and they're looking better than ever. Personally, I think that video is amazing and just pushed over my hype factor into the red. It's a similar reaction to the ESPN and CBS videos for NCAA Basketball 10. Now I can't wait for the first video that shows College Gameday and that music.

Credit where it's due, that video will no doubt please a LOT of people.

Also, the graphics look superb. In every way.
# 17 mjacks10 @ 05/04/10 05:27 PM
Ok...they got me.

I hate you guys, I really do.

I'm assuming that the actual running through the T is also in. That's pretty much the meat & potatoes of the entrance.
# 18 Papi34 @ 05/04/10 05:30 PM
I love the camera angle on the PSU shot. It's like something from a movie.
# 19 Solidice @ 05/04/10 05:30 PM
looks great. actually looks better than I expected it would be. would like to see it when you actually playing the game to see how it fits in to the intro(w/commentary, etc.).
# 20 cparrish @ 05/04/10 05:30 PM
It would be amazing if they could have added Ralphie to the game. I guess they could always call the makers of Red Dead Redemption to make them a Buffalo to use. I kid I kid...

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