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G4TV has posted their first impressions of Need for Speed World.

"Races aren't pure tests of skill, though knowing how to powerslide through turns will help. It was hard to get a feel for control responsiveness when steering with WASD controls or arrow keys; a racing wheel or gamepad would be preferred, except that this is an MMO with lots of buttons to push.

Winning Need for Speed World races depends on you pushing those buttons effectively to activate power-ups, though you won't find any red tortoise shells here. It starts with nitrous-powered speed boosts and just gets crazier from there. Stuck way behind the pack? Slingshot enables some wicked rubber banding so you can catch up. Need to make things tough for the lead driver? Traffic Magnet will send AI vehicles in to run interference. Since you can pay real world money to restock these boosts, one can predict that players with money to burn will have an advantage.

The free to play contingent will be able to compete; they'll just be at a slight handicap. All the boosts and powers available to paid members should be available to free players as well, only it'll take more time to earn the goodies as rewards for winning races. Even losing races will net you something, thanks to the lucky draw system. At the conclusion of any race, a random reward card can be picked from a set of five, generally some in-game currency. While it's easier to just pay for this stuff with a credit card, earning it yourself is always an option."

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