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We have recently released a Game update for MLB ’10 The Show (5-18-10). This patch resolves a handful of issues. In addition to correcting some items, which may or may not be noticeable. We’ve also taken the opportunity to include some enhancements to the in-game experience. Listed below are the fixes in the update.

- Addressed lock in Tropicana Field when pressing Select to view Pitcher/Batter Status window.
- Fixed issue with trade offers not being saved properly and being lost when the saved file was loaded.
- Added batting stance animations for Ryan Braun, Carlos Gomez, Gabe Gross, Matt Joyce, Kevin Kouzmanoff
- Fixed issue on Make Trade screen with multiple user teams, preventing user from incrementing and decrementing the viewed organization making trades with other teams impossible at times.
- Fixed issue in Franchise when injuries are set to auto. MLB Injuries notifications were not being dispatched.
- Fixed issue with any user song over 244 warping around and play a different user song whether you save/restore or not.
- Fixed RTTS issue, where classic baserunning sometimes ran after arriving safely at a base, if held down the R1 button till slide started.
- Fixed issue with bounced pitch with 3-2 count, if fielded instantly off the bounce by the catcher, was calling an error on the catcher.
- Fixed Game Intro with incorrect records for teams in post-season.
- Fixed pitcher potentials in season and franchise modes.
- Don't allow a renewable or arbitration eligible player to accept a contract unless he's really interested in it.
- Fixed Newspaper information in Online League office. Correct scores, winner/loser, etc.
- Intentional walk Online gameplay issue addressed.
- Fixed issue with the auto-fix feature in rosters not working correctly all the time when a downloaded roster was used.
- Minnesota day and night, backstop changed to Limestone
- Fixed issue to accurately show the number of games in progress when looking at the game/lobby room list.
- Fixed issue causing players placed on trade waivers to not be withdrawn if claimed by a user controlled team (offline season).
- Fixed issues with attendance.
- Allow teams to send down a reliever and keep 2 closers on the roster.
- Unranked Online Games should not count towards points, win/loss nor stats.
- Fixed issue causing trades to be offered by the user's team even when set to MANUAL trades.
- Fix catcher throw decisions when AUTOTHROWING is on.
- Scout challenge from certain locations addressed.
- Sounds of the show fix, for overflow problem when storing more than 255 songs. This is referring to storing the songs in a playlist.
- Exiting chatroom fix after completing the game.
- Fixed issue causing position players to be in the bullpen leading to an issue in franchise and career mode.
- Fixed bug causing trades to not be accepted during spring training.
- Create a player using these stances/deliveries: Stances: Bay Jason, Barmes Clint, Barton Daric, Fukudome Kosuke, Kemp Matt, Longoria Evan Pitch Deliveries: Kuroda Hiroki, Lilly Ted
- Fixed Hard drive game data space and messages.
- Road to the Show Presentation Mode settings are now saved after rebooting the game.
- Fixed Road to the Show issue when on the Game Stats screen after skipping training then playing a game.
- Fixed issue in Franchise Mode and controlling of 30 teams and releasing a lot of players.
- Fixed issue when selecting "Movie Maker" with 10 replays for a movie when 11 are present.
- Fixed ball deflection sounds off players.
- Fixed issue with Pitcher batter status window.
- Fixed issues with injuries during online games.
- Fixed fielding issue with catcher overthrowing to first base on a dropped third strike.
- Fixed fielding issue with the ball in the dirt right at the feet of the user catcher.
- Fixed an issue when Playing a tiebreaker game.
- Fixed MOM bug where batter bunts every time you select hit-and-run
-Fixed HR not being called in Pologrounds when the ball is hit off the foul poll
-Fixed issue in Franchise mode where renewable or arbitration eligible player would accept any offer
-Fixed bug in online where mischief values would cause some users Sportsmanship rating to drop to 0
-Fixed Brandon Wood (Angels) having Nick Adenharts head and vice verse
-Fixed Clayton Mortensen's face
-Fixed the MLB.com ticker in-game.
-(Side note) These fixes will work with your existing franchises
- Online addition of Game History option in user list options. Can be found in Leaderboards, League Lobby, Buddy List and Schedule screens.

Online Leagues
-Games that diverge (drop, disconnect etc..) will now be thrown away. (This is a stop gap measure for MLB '10. In MLB '11 we will allow commissioners the ability to reset games that diverge.)
- Online League issues addressed: standings, injuries, free agents, schedule, lineup, pitcher rotation, team management.

As always, thank you for your support and patience. Enjoy the season!

- MLB The Show Dev Team

P.S. There are a few more fixes not listed above I'll add them asap. Also thank you (OS and everyone at Theshowcommunity.com) for your help in identifying some of issues.


A new bug was introduced during the patch 3 process. The previous reported bug on this issue did not happen 100% of the time. There needed to be a perfect storm to recreate it, sadly we were never able re-create it in house or it would have been fixed.

Something happened in patch 3 that made the bug occur 100% of the time if the runner crossed home plate before the out was recorded.

We are looking at a 24 hour turnaround for 3rd out issue. Can't confirm the time frame though.

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Member Comments
# 1 hitstreak13 @ 05/18/10 12:27 AM
Sweet!! Thank you Russ
# 2 Schmidyo @ 05/18/10 12:28 AM
# 3 bcruise @ 05/18/10 12:31 AM
Fantastic news. Thanks to the entire dev team for making this happen!
# 4 rspencer86 @ 05/18/10 12:37 AM
Wow, Red Dead and Show patch #3. Great day for gamers!
# 5 Azamien @ 05/18/10 12:37 AM
Excellent news. Thanks to you and the rest of the team for continuing to hard to support your customers, Russell.
# 6 Zinger @ 05/18/10 12:40 AM
I'm just about to get the game here in Thailand after a long, sad wait. So great timing and great news!
# 7 mattlanta @ 05/18/10 12:46 AM
Thank you so much to every one involved in making this update happen!

Just clarifying - this update will affect the ongoing franchises as well, right?
# 8 Zinger @ 05/18/10 12:57 AM
Originally Posted by jim416
Hey man, good to hear. You should have contacted me again, would have gotten it to you sooner.
Was glad to do it before.
Thanks, jim. I thought it would appear in the shops here but it never did. An American friend is bringing it with him on Friday. I might take up your kind offer again next year though!
# 9 TheRunAndShoot @ 05/18/10 01:28 AM
First off thanks you!!!! The silence was killing me, finally some good news after a rough day....

I hate to be one of those guys but can someone tell me if trade logic in franchise is being addressed? I don't see it and some of the wording is a bit confusing.
# 10 Spring Rubber @ 05/18/10 01:48 AM
Thanks so much for the patch SCEA!

It's actually kind of strange since I was thinking about the Tropicana Field glitch just a few hours ago, and I was wondering if they were ever going to fix it. Here we are just a few hours later, and now we have our answer.

I know that after I filed my original report about the freezing at the Trop, other people found out that the freezing was triggered by events other than accessing the bullpen from the Quick Menu. Here's hoping that the patch managed to fix *all* of the freezing at the Trop. I've got my hopes up, and I guess we'll find out in a few hours.
# 11 RohrboughCop @ 05/18/10 02:28 AM
I have to admit, I was getting pretty worried. Heck, I had all but given up hope on a third patch being released. The guys (and girls?) at Sony just continue to amaze me. Once this patch is released, I am confident that MLB 10: The Show will replace MVP Baseball 05 as my favorite baseball video game of all time. Thanks Sony! I can't wait!

# 12 42 @ 05/18/10 02:34 AM
# 13 GJEM @ 05/18/10 02:43 AM
Sorry to ask if this has been asked and answered a thousand times but I did a search and nothing. Do I need to restart my franchise to get this updated patch?
# 14 jvalverde88 @ 05/18/10 02:44 AM
# 15 Howie75 @ 05/18/10 02:45 AM
The folks at SCEA continue to outdo themselves.

Thanks guys.
# 16 EnigmaNemesis @ 05/18/10 03:49 AM
Thanks for all the hard work on this game. Good Stuff.

# 17 Matz21Moabit @ 05/18/10 03:52 AM
recently released ? i star my game but no message of a new update
# 18 NEOPARADIGM @ 05/18/10 04:05 AM
Thanks. Nice.
# 19 marbury @ 05/18/10 05:39 AM
Originally Posted by Matz21Moabit
recently released ? i star my game but no message of a new update
# 20 19 @ 05/18/10 06:57 AM
Originally Posted by jvalverde88
This. Thanks SCEA.

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