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Check out the new screenshot of NHL 11 screenshot showcasing the all-new real-time physics engine.

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# 1 jaiman @ 05/20/10 09:56 AM
Pay close attention and you will find a broken stick laying on the ice as well. Real time physics? Does this mean Natural Motion?

I am kind of getting tired of the generic looking arenas though.
# 2 Bumble14 @ 05/20/10 10:17 AM
Until I see presentation upgrades I could care less.
# 3 Mikey88 @ 05/20/10 10:23 AM
# 4 SinisterAlex @ 05/20/10 10:28 AM
Too bad I can't see the image right now... stupid web proxies...
# 5 Money99 @ 05/20/10 10:33 AM
Nice! Thanks for posting Steve!

It's not much, but I think it's great that EA is releasing info in May for a hockey game due out in September. Nice work!
# 6 NoTiCe_O @ 05/20/10 10:40 AM
Off Topic: Why can't Madden do This ???? they're both EA.

On Topic: I like this idea.
# 7 ch46647 @ 05/20/10 10:43 AM
WOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW. If they added a real-time physics engine this will be by far the greatest sports game of ALL-TIME. (That is not an exaggeration)

I am so excited for this game! I still play NHL 10 constantly, the NHL team really knows how to make a great game!!
# 8 Lightbringer719 @ 05/20/10 10:57 AM
This prolly means no more generic check animations and (hopefully) the end of that stupid tripping dive animation they've had since NHL07.
# 9 SinisterAlex @ 05/20/10 10:57 AM
Alright I just put Firefox on my computer (to get around the proxies) and saw the screenshot. I couldn't really tell much from the screenshot, I would really like to see skating not hitting but the broken stick on the ice looks awesome!!! Maybe in June we'll see some videos of it?
# 10 ch46647 @ 05/20/10 10:57 AM
Can anyone confirm if that is a broken stick? It looks like it but I can tell..
# 11 bonannogiovanni @ 05/20/10 11:01 AM
I hope that real time physics translates to puck physics as well, I wouldn't like it to be confined to body checks only.
# 12 tyler289 @ 05/20/10 11:25 AM
This would be huge. This game needs a physics engine for checks, stopping, passing, etc. Excited to see it.
# 13 TreyIM2 @ 05/20/10 11:30 AM
Hmm. Sounds interesting. I want to see how this pans out. I've been wanting to buy a NHL game for the last few years but never pull the trigger. Maybe this will be the one I'll, uhh, shoot for.
# 14 ch46647 @ 05/20/10 11:32 AM
Steve, just curious as to where you got the "All-New Real-Time Physics Engine" information from?

Did EA send you this picture with that information attached?

# 15 statum71 @ 05/20/10 11:42 AM
Don't see what's different from that screenshot.
# 16 infinityBCRT @ 05/20/10 12:00 PM
Ayaz, who is at the community event, confirms that it indeed is a broken stick.
# 17 infinityBCRT @ 05/20/10 12:00 PM
and yes, the real-time physics engine info is from EA
# 18 Money99 @ 05/20/10 12:01 PM
I really hope this new physics engine eliminates some of the crazy moves the CPU was able to make.

I always loved watching the CPU fly into the corner, get the puck, skate backwards and then curl up ice without losing one ounce of speed or momentum.
# 19 Steve_OS @ 05/20/10 12:06 PM
Originally Posted by ch46647
Steve, just curious as to where you got the "All-New Real-Time Physics Engine" information from?

Did EA send you this picture with that information attached?

It was taken from their facebook page.
# 20 CrosbyKing10 @ 05/20/10 12:13 PM
I agree, it's time for NHL to step up and get the arenas done along with a bunch of other things when it comes to presentation. Most of the arenas look generic. I also need to start hearing team goal horns, and city specific chants....for instance. Pittsburgh-"Let's go PENS, let's go PENS!" Philly-......"Let's go flyyyyyyers"....and now with Montreal they need to add the -"oooooole ooooole oooole ole, oooooole"....New York-----"let's go raaaaaangers"..How bout adding broadcasting overlays, i.e..."in the last 10 games so and so is 6-3-1" or when somebody scores a milestone goal, have a stoppage and let him raise his stick, and for instance maybe team with the VS. network and get their graphics or TSN...something along those lines. How bout having the What about changing up the announce team as well...Gary Thorne hasn't been on the national scene doing hockey in a long time. What about landing Mike Emrick or going back to Jim Hughson?....Joe Beninati?..I think this game has so much to add presentation wise that could already make the game truely unbelievable.

Don't get me wrong, I love this game but would obviously love to see some serious presentation upgrades..

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