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Check out the latest screenshot of Matt Hasselbeck and the Seattle Seahawks, in Madden NFL 11.

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# 1 RoyalBoyle14 @ 05/21/10 04:37 PM
none for nothing, but this screen is HOT!!!!

I'm not trying to get all crazy yet, but Madden is really looking good this year. Good Like I'm excited good, like I can;t wait good.
# 2 PantherBeast_OS @ 05/21/10 04:48 PM
Nice Photo of the seahawks. When their neon green jersies came out last year I thought they looked ugly. But now as I look at them. They look good. Thanks for the photo. How about some photos of the Panthers Ian and crew.
# 3 Lava @ 05/21/10 05:23 PM
Ugly unis, nice screenshot.
# 4 str8artist @ 05/21/10 05:57 PM
looks like arena football uniforms.....
# 5 stopper654 @ 05/21/10 06:44 PM
I hope Lesean McCoy and Desean Jackson dont have the same character this year. SMH at EA lol
# 6 NFLHITMAN @ 05/21/10 07:11 PM
Just an FYI for EA...

Pete Carroll has already said through twitter that he will never use those ugly *** jerseys while he is coach of the Seahawks
# 7 KANE699 @ 05/21/10 09:12 PM
Is that those new navy pants the Seahawks were wearing last year!?
# 8 NFLHITMAN @ 05/22/10 12:51 AM
Originally Posted by KANE699
Is that those new navy pants the Seahawks were wearing last year!?
I wish I knew but I am color blind so that part of the Seahawks I can never comment on except that even a color blind person like myself hopes they burn those jerseys for good.
# 9 icomb1ne @ 05/22/10 01:59 AM
# 10 ImxNikx @ 05/22/10 03:04 AM
Originally Posted by NavigatorD83
I wonder if we will ever get the green dot on QB helmets
# 11 beelo @ 05/22/10 12:52 PM
Great looking screen
# 12 cowboy_kmoney @ 05/22/10 12:56 PM
Im loving my Cardnals uni's that will be in the game..
# 13 CardsFan52 @ 05/22/10 01:06 PM
^^^^^This guy knows whats up lol. I'm stoked about this too, hopefully in the near future we can get a screen shot of Beanie Wells stiff arming someone.
# 14 NFLHITMAN @ 05/22/10 02:46 PM
Well I hope they get this new Seahawk song in the game since it most likely will be played this year.

Blue Thunder ( Is the actual Seahawk Band that plays in the stadium, outside the stadium, bars & restaraunts around Qwest on gameday is on the drums )

J.D. Richards is on the Guitar

This song will be a fan favorite for Seahawk fans and should be in Madden 2011...


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