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We just grabbed 15 Madden NFL 11 screenshots from the most recently released Audio Presentation V-blog.

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# 1 beelo @ 05/22/10 02:50 PM
Great looking screens. I like the little santa clauses
# 2 TreyIM2 @ 05/22/10 02:55 PM
The Santa Claus shot is already a classic and I noticed that in the vid, as well, but what I also noticed in the vid and REALLY liked was the shot of the Raiders crowd hamming it up for the cam!! That is all too common a shot during NFL games and I can't recall Madden ever having such a shot of the crowd doing that.

Also, what stood out from the pics was the Pittsburgh crowd. It WASN'T a full house as it actually had empty seats clustered and scattered about. I know they said something about crowd capacity being affected in this Madden so that looks great.
# 3 PantherBeast_OS @ 05/22/10 03:02 PM
Yea the Santa Claus pic is nice. It shows that they are putting some holidays elements into madden this year. It's been a long coming. It's making madden feel more real with the holiday games now. Thanksgiving, Christmas. All sounds good to me.
# 4 espnOSU83 @ 05/22/10 03:12 PM
in the vikings pic i love how the socks lengths are different throughout the entire packers defense i dont remember if that was like that in madden 10
# 5 Deegeezy @ 05/22/10 03:20 PM
Definitely some PRO TAK going on in those pics.
# 6 Senator Palmer @ 05/22/10 03:37 PM
I'm loving the way the game looks and I know it's still early and set on a lower difficulty level, but there's no pressure whatsoever on Roethlisberger from the 4 man rush against the Bengals.

Not panicking but I want to continue to ring that bell.
# 7 cowboy_kmoney @ 05/22/10 04:59 PM
Im loving so far and its looking hella good right now. But I must point something out in the Jets santa screen. And that is it me or do that santa look like he's a gay santa poseing as a Jets fan or what? I mean everything else looks fine but just look how he's holding his hands funny... Not nitpicking just making a funny til the game drops.
# 8 moose1619 @ 05/22/10 05:37 PM
that ball is just plaing huge,, defintaley stands out.
# 9 Jistic @ 05/22/10 05:38 PM

Little stupid things like this always bug me about Madden. Little things that would be so easy to fix. Who has stat banners like this?
# 10 Deegeezy @ 05/22/10 05:57 PM
Originally Posted by Jistic

Little stupid things like this always bug me about Madden. Little things that would be so easy to fix. Who has stat banners like this?
Yeah - Madden's stat banners have always been pretty amateurish.

No NFL telecast shows a RBs stats like that; They even add a period at the end of the "sentence" LMAO
# 11 Lava @ 05/22/10 06:05 PM
Originally Posted by Jistic

Little stupid things like this always bug me about Madden. Little things that would be so easy to fix. Who has stat banners like this?
Not to mention the camera is focused on the wrong player. Greene looks like an afterthought in his own cutscene.
# 12 Skyboxer @ 05/22/10 08:23 PM
Looking great!!!
# 13 Rhudey @ 05/22/10 09:03 PM
What I find interesting is that when you go to instant replay on PS2, the ball was always hovering just out of the quarterbacks hand (among other glitches), yet the screens provided by EA always looked perfect. Have they corrected the hovering ball? are the screens real?
# 14 bpac55 @ 05/22/10 09:11 PM
They look great buy my one gripe now is that I wish they had body types. Shawn Greene and MJD are both thick running backs but they look so slim in the game. They should have preset body types like...

Tall and lean...Jevon Kearse
Tall and muscular...Mario Williams
Tall abd big...Jon Runyan or most OTs now
and it would keep going.
# 15 bigmoe @ 05/22/10 10:14 PM
Originally Posted by Legend Killer
Yea the Santa Claus pic is nice. I
Well the color of the seats is wrong. The new Meadowlands seats are all gray.The old ones were red , but that is just about demolished as of today. I can't believe I just nitpicked the color of the seats.
# 16 Exonerated @ 05/22/10 10:45 PM
Originally Posted by MJenness
As I have said before, these videos/screenshots posted are NOT on stock systems, they are taken from their beefed up development systems, so naturally, EVERYTHING looks much better.
Plus, I can guarantee you they do some touch-up work on them to fix anything that may stand out as bad.
It's why I never get too excited about them, I know it'll never look this good in person on my 360.
Your tv is at a different resolution. If you minimize the picture by about 20 times, you get good looking shots like the one in this thread.
# 17 Purple28Pedestrian @ 05/22/10 11:23 PM
why is the metrodome so dark, in the seats I mean??? i've been to a few vikes games in my time and never have i seen it THAT dark.
# 18 Exonerated @ 05/23/10 03:46 AM
Originally Posted by Pringles
the pictures sent to operation sports are not from a tv the game is still in beta stage so that means there playing them off the computer so it is a computer screen shot.
I know.

But if you minimized your tv's resolution by 20x you would get similar fantastic looking shots. That is all.
# 19 JkA3 @ 05/23/10 07:57 AM
jersey numbers look small?
# 20 Kevin26385 @ 05/23/10 09:46 AM
I am all for the little things in sports games, I love seeing the players come out of the bus in suits rather then a fact about the stadium.

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