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64 catch phrases have been announced in the EA Sports NBA Jam competition. Voting starts tomorrow. Which ones are your favorites?

"Over 3000 entries have been trimmed down to the top 6. The top 4 will be included in NBA JAM!"

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# 1 The GIGGAS @ 05/24/10 02:51 PM
I've actually got one in the round of 64. I just got an email for it. I'm pretty sure that it's the Shot Clock Violation in the Slam-A-Jamma bracket. I know I had something about checking out cheerleaders... It's been a while since I put it in, and they don't show the whole thing or the person that added it.
# 2 Steve_OS @ 05/24/10 05:01 PM
Cool, good luck man!
# 3 Shinyhubcaps @ 05/24/10 08:07 PM
I know the guy who wrote "His hand is hotter than a jalepeņo in the Mojave." I submitted "Access Denied!" for blocks, which didn't get chosen, but they chose something that I thought was less creative and I passed on submitting, "Return to sender."

Stupidly idiotic: "Fire in the hole." "The ball is in!" "For the love of elevation." "From Compton!" "From the Suburbs!" "Dropping a deuce." "Dianosis: You suck." "Stimulus Package!" and "Now that's change I can believe in (for steals?)."

Favorite one: For dunks, "The Dutch called. They want their windmills back!"

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