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Could it be the Gran Turismo 5 delay is tied to PlayStation Move and 3D support?

"A source close to Sony has confirmed to MCV that the reason behind the more recent of Gran Turismo 5ís delays is the implementation of both 3D and Move compatibility."

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# 1 Bash @ 05/26/10 10:55 AM
# 2 countryboy @ 05/26/10 06:47 PM
I agree bash. I'm not a big proponent of Playstation Move nor do I care to play video games in 3D. Hell...I don't even care to watch TV in 3D.

But I'm not surprised they are possibly going to support both, Move and 3D, I mean, by the time the game releases, those 2 features will be the mainstream.
# 3 AUChase @ 05/27/10 09:08 PM
and the wait continues
# 4 Cirran @ 05/27/10 09:58 PM
GT5 with move seems pointless. In what way would move work on a driving simulator? The game is best left to a Logitech Driving Force GT steering wheel and a nice chair to sit in.
# 5 BIG CAROLINA @ 05/28/10 08:36 AM
If it's an option only then I could care less. Options mean we do not have to use it but some seem to forget that. I personally am not interested but I would not want them to leave it out because I don't want it.

If someone wants it and will use it then throw it in there. Honestly I have about had enough of waiting for this game, the next delay will be because of the return of the Nascar spoiler lol.
# 6 Cirran @ 05/28/10 12:02 PM
How could it possibly work tho?
# 7 Keirik @ 06/01/10 10:16 PM
sweet news, should be just in time for the launch of playstation 2017
# 8 Frostcutlery @ 06/02/10 09:09 PM
Or they are delaying it to show off some new trailers or features for this years E3. Sony has said they are planning on the PS3 games to go 3D on June 10...in Japan. Here state side "shortly" but all that aside you still need a 3D TV which rules out 99% of us.

I honestly don't see the point of video games going 3D so soon. To me this smells like the band wagon that all the movies jumped onto in the 80s with Friday the 13th Part 3 in 3D and Jaws 3 in 3D!

This 3D thing in movies needs to go away or at least stay in the Pixar/kids movies.
# 9 Bamafan3723 @ 06/05/10 09:57 PM
When was GT5 initially supposed to be released? Wasn't it like 3 years ago?

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