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Jujimum, from the Xbox-Sports Forums, has posted some new NHL 11 details, taken from OXM.

"So instead of improving the game by, say, doubling the number of animations, "It's using physics," he shares. "It's not animation-driven."

During face0ffs, for instance, the position you take going in lets you kick the puck, push the opposing centerman, turn your back to him, or slap his stick. In earlier iterations of the franchise, you knew whether you won the faceoff the instant the ref dropped the puck. Now, your jockeying could lead to your not touching the puck at all, giving your wingers a chance to snatch the rubber instead.

The physics also give the development team the opportunity to execute on a feature fans have been asking about for years: broken sticks. What took so long? Littman clarifies that "we didn't want to do it until we could do it right." With real-time interaction replacing scripted sequences, shattered stick can get in the way of the play, obscuring the puck during a pass or hindering you while you're skating. As in a real hockey match, this situation adds an element of panic and strategy, which you can solve by grabbing a new stick from the bench, changing lines, or --our favorite -- passing yours to a stick-less player. Breaking the stick doesn't put you out of the play, either: you can kick the puck up the ice and even glove-pass to teammates.

If a downed defender is flailing madly, the redefined deke system lets you stylishly escape around him, and even OVER him, too."

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Member Comments
# 1 Simple Mathematics @ 05/24/10 09:56 PM
Sounds freaking AWESOME! Oh my god i can't wait
# 2 green94 @ 05/24/10 10:11 PM
WOW!!! Awesome stuff!
# 3 tyler289 @ 05/24/10 10:24 PM
This game sounds REALLY good. I'm excited to get my hands on it.
# 4 bonannogiovanni @ 05/24/10 10:59 PM
At last face-offs have been improved, they were just pathetic all the series along.
# 5 BlueNGold @ 05/24/10 11:02 PM
Like I posted in the other thread:

# 6 SinisterAlex @ 05/24/10 11:35 PM
Originally Posted by SCARFACE909
Jujimum, from the Xbox-Sports Forums, has posted some new NHL 11 details, taken from OXM.
OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!! If this is true about the faceoffs I'll be in HEAVEN!!!!!!
# 7 Lubey @ 05/24/10 11:43 PM
# 8 sraczk2011 @ 05/24/10 11:58 PM
Is it September yet?
# 9 SinisterAlex @ 05/25/10 12:19 AM
Originally Posted by sraczk2011
Is it September yet?
This x100000000000000000000000000000
# 10 savoie2006 @ 05/25/10 12:42 AM
Broken Sticks, Real Time Physics, New Faceoff System, CHL....sounds like EA has really done their homework this year and are looking to release the most complete hockey title ever. September definately couldn't come fast enough. I want to see this bad boy in action.
# 11 shaunjuan2000 @ 05/25/10 01:39 AM
Get the presentation done better and NHL 11 may win Game of the Year again. Cannot wait for September!
# 12 Vikes1 @ 05/25/10 02:21 AM
Can I change my hype score from 9 to 10?

Man...the very early news has been very impressive so far. It's going to be fun to follow along as the info unfolds about this years game. Can't wait to hear and see, to what degree this new physic engine is going to affect the game. Sounds good so far.

Being from Minnesota, I just can't wish my summer away. But dang...NHL'11' sounds like it'll be one helluva end of summer gift to myself.
# 13 Stroehms @ 05/25/10 02:38 AM
I want to get my hands on this now. Looks like a large leap from 10 to 11.
# 14 Splitter77 @ 05/25/10 05:43 AM
i wonder how this real time physics will work with the goalies? I cant wait to see.
I cannot wait until september. This game just sounds too good to be true.

Seems as though they really wanted to get the broken sticks in there correctly before they did it. I love how you can pass your stick off to someone else, and even go to the bench to get a new one. I'm guessing hand passes will be in the game now as well. Looking good.
# 15 Dalsanto0026 @ 05/25/10 06:47 AM
This is exciting stuff.

E3 is just around the corner, I can't wait to see this in action.
# 16 Qb @ 05/25/10 07:38 AM
You guys crack me up. In the words of Mike Tomlin, "I can neither confirm nor deny" any of this...
# 17 ch46647 @ 05/25/10 08:24 AM
No more "canned animations"! That is all I needed to hear, this will probably be the greatest sports game of all-time period.
# 18 Money99 @ 05/25/10 08:32 AM
# 19 slickdtc @ 05/25/10 08:40 AM
Very cool!
# 20 06woz @ 05/25/10 09:36 AM
Originally Posted by Qb
You guys crack me up. In the words of Mike Tomlin, "I can neither confirm nor deny" any of this...
Odd enough, since this is a media release. However I can see your comment being true since OXM may have been given exclusivity to this information. I'm gonna go grab an issue just in case someone's..... jiving me.

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