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The following sites have posted their Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 hands-on impressions.


"We're shown gameplay clips from PES 2010 followed by this year's version to highlight changes and improvements. Defence, Seabass notes, "has changed massively". Using the dash button to close down and press the player with the ball has been replaced by a three-pronged system using the X button (it's all PS3 in Japan) and directional input.

Hold X while directing the stick towards your goal to hold up play, a relatively passive option that makes it difficult for the attacker to pass you. The second option is simply to hold X and release the stick entirely. This stops your player and, if timed correctly, will halt the advance of the guy charging at you with the ball.

Finally, moving the stick towards the opponent while holding X results in a more aggressive effort to retrieve the ball. This is familiar to PES, but with greater risk attached, says Seabass - if the attacker anticipates your lunge he can pass you more easily."


"The first thing you notice is a very good thing Konami has definitely sharpened up its act regarding presentation. The front end of the game is now far better looking, as well as being a lot less likely to induce an epileptic fit in viewers and it doesn't just apply to the menu screens. The entire interface has been overhauled, with emphasis on the team management screens, which now use a 'drag and drop'-style system. Selecting tactics, reconfiguring your team's formation, subbing positions and tweaking the lanes for individual players is now all done while looking at a visual representation of the footy pitch from overhead and as simple as moving your cursor to a player or item, selecting it, then to replace Heskey with Crouch at the front in the England squad, for instance, dragging off to the side of the pitch diagram where your possible substitutions are highlighted. One more click and the swap is made. It's all far more visual in nature and a lot more intuitive as a result."

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