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MiddleEasy has posted an interview with Rocky Rivero, EA Sports MMA's Game Designer.

MiddleEasy: "Whats going on with your career mode?"

Rocky Rivero: "So as far as career mode I can tell you that we have elements that they do not. There are things I can't talk about just yet, but they clearly don't have the elements we have and I can say that definitely because i was playing their game and I was like 'OK, cool...'. How do I say this, we are going with such a global emphasis on the game that we are doing things they could never do. They are restricted by the UFC license. I like creative freedom. Working on the UFC game, sure that would be great. They are a big name here in the states. But the thing, they are restricted only to the octagon. [They're] restricted to their fighters and [They're] restricted to their rule set. Whereas with us, we've been able to announce recently that the fact you can fight in Japan gives you 10 minute first rounds 5 minute second rounds. We have fighters from around the world, not just Strikeforce and in Japan we are gonna have head stomps and we are gonna have soccer kicks and you can't see that in a UFC game because that's not what a UFC game is about. So we have this awesome creative liberty to really show people what MMA is about, not just what UFC MMA is all about."

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# 1 PlatooN @ 06/01/10 07:33 PM
im sure the head stomps and soccer kicks will look just like those pillow punches.
# 2 delspf @ 06/02/10 12:59 AM
As much as I dislike EA, this game is going to blow UFC out the water after what THQ just put out.

I am a big career mode player and interviews like this is what I like to see. It seems they listened to the UFC 09 & 10 community more then THQ did.
# 3 Jukeman @ 06/02/10 11:48 AM
Originally Posted by thelwig14
This is why I have zero doubt that it will be superior.

EA understands they don't have the most recognizable MMA brand...and THQ was also the guinea pig...so they have all kinds of advantages in making their game the best on the market. For example, submissions could not have been created any worse than THQ did.
True, but I'm still skeptical...I've been let down so many times by this company in the past 10 years..

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