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Credit to PSM3 and WENB.

"PSM3 released a new video preview of their May 12th visit to Konami studios. The video shows new improvements that they have implemented in PES 2011. They show Konami doing their own comparison between PES 2010 and PES 2011 (it'll indicate it on the lower left screen). So if you see things that look like 2010, they are just doing a before and after comparison. I really like the new drag/drop menu when you edit the teamís strategy (ex: formation, subs, etc.)"

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# 1 BrianFifaFan @ 06/04/10 01:29 PM
Just, "WOW!" Thanks a bunch! That is the most photo-realistic game I've ever seen. Loved the part where they broke down the AI on Defending. The changing of the kick animation based on IK target was awesome too.... I hope that my other favorite footie game keeps pace. Looks like it's gonna be an awesome year for footie games. Did I saw "Wow?" I'm gonna pre-order this game for PC the second I can.... Gotta pick my jaw up off the floor now! LOL! Peace!
# 2 rckabillyRaider @ 06/04/10 09:39 PM
WOW. Konami really wants their title back! Looking good.
# 3 sarlndr @ 06/04/10 11:34 PM
Keep it up Konami, I am seriously impressed by what I've seen. PES2011 is looking good folks.
# 4 Texas Ace @ 06/05/10 11:11 AM
I really hope they smooth out the kinks that the series has suffered from since making the jump to the PS3/360 generation. While I enjoy the games that Fifa has made over the last 2 years, they still aren't PES was at its finest nor does it provide the variety and randomness that the PES series still provides. I would love to return to PES and I'm hoping that 2011 will be the version that returns the King back to the throne.
# 5 Matt10 @ 06/09/10 02:29 PM
Looks fantastic.
# 6 Brophog @ 06/09/10 07:43 PM
If it can retain the spirit PES has always had, it should be a dandy. PES has always had that "feeling" down the way no other sports game really nails. Now that the animation and controls seem to be getting much needed work, I can't wait to see what is finally released!
# 7 ty5oke @ 06/14/10 10:39 PM
Great video. I can't wait for this game.

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