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# 1 rckabillyRaider @ 06/06/10 10:32 AM
animations look much better also the camera looks pretty good.
# 2 sarlndr @ 06/06/10 10:45 PM
PES11 is looking really good. I'm loving that closeup of Ibrahimovic 1:50, looks like a television broadcast. Awesome.
# 3 boritter @ 06/07/10 03:00 AM
The shaky camera work made it hard to focus on the gameplay! Hopefully there is a demo b/c Konami needs to improve a lot to win me back.
# 4 poster @ 06/07/10 08:51 AM
Hard to tell from that short clip, but the pace seemed really nice. Controlled, but sped up when moves were made and executed by the player.

Really hoping the pace is spot on at the end, I think they now have speed settings as well which is welcome. Even with that slider, they need to first make sure the pace of the game is realistic. No back and forth pinball garbage with no fatigue consequence as it is physically impossible to play at that pace for an extended period of time.
# 5 BrianFifaFan @ 06/07/10 01:33 PM
Originally Posted by Rodriggo79
Next gen PES unfortunately has always been more concerned with graphics than gameplay.
I mean they HAD gameplay nailed down in the Winning Eleven Series.
They should have developed next gen games with editing and depth in mind over graphics.
I'd rather have a game with 30 or 40 leagues worth of teams, 100% customizable cups/league fixtures that looks and plays like Winning Eleven 8 than a more polished PES 2010.
What do you need graphics for in a soccer game anyway? You're miles away!
I play on player cam, so the graphics are really great for me!
# 6 jvalverde88 @ 06/08/10 03:17 PM
Updated the first post with the HD version of the video.
# 7 KG @ 06/09/10 10:08 AM
Graphics look great as did the camera. It looked like the first part the guys were trying to get a hang of the new control system. The last part (Ibra shot) looked a little off. One pass from the MF, Man U's backline retreating and Ibra easily firing a shot off.

I'm still intrigued though.
# 8 Other Guy @ 06/09/10 10:22 AM
Looking more and more like PES may be my soccer game purchase for this year.
# 9 Texas Ace @ 06/09/10 11:30 AM
# 4 Texas Ace @ 06/05/10 04:11 PM
I really hope they smooth out the kinks that the series has suffered from since making the jump to the PS3/360 generation. While I enjoy the games that FIFA has made over the last 2 years, they still aren't PES was at its finest nor does it provide the variety and randomness that the PES series still provides. I would love to return to PES and I'm hoping that 2011 will be the version that returns the King back to the throne.
# 10 Matt10 @ 06/09/10 02:09 PM
Nice to see animations - did not give too much as far as gameplay, but that is A-Okay this early. The ball seems to be "smaller" in proportion, which is good due to they seemingly altered the player leg sizes.

When I edited for PES PC (pes4-pes6), I made sure each gameplay editing I did involved a vicious cycle of editing player leg size. It's amazing what a difference this made as far as a visual.

Shame there were no goals in the vid - waiting to see if they have fixed the net physics....

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