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Will you be getting Tiger Woods 11?

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# 1 19 @ 06/06/10 04:31 PM
Getting it, as I do every year.
# 2 don28 @ 06/06/10 05:01 PM
I've never bought a Tiger Woods game before, but I have to admit I have been getting more interested the past couple of years. This is the year that I will take the plunge and buy it.

Hopefully, I can create my golfer as a left-handed player, since that's the way that I play golf.
# 3 csfan20 @ 06/06/10 05:36 PM
Yep, just like every year since 05
# 4 Reaman @ 06/06/10 05:37 PM
No, I'm not buying the game due to no interest this year.
# 5 countryboy @ 06/06/10 06:34 PM
haven't owned a TW game since 2008. Due to that and the fact that the Ryder Cup was added this year, I'm ready to pick up a new version.
# 6 Skyboxer @ 06/06/10 07:01 PM
Will be buying it for the first time in a couple years and for the first time for the PS3.
Love the sport......gaming and for real.
# 7 TreyIM2 @ 06/06/10 07:02 PM
Yea, this will be my first TW game and I really just want it for the Move control aspect.
# 8 Sheamazin @ 06/06/10 08:02 PM
Not buying. May rent it
# 9 Triggerfish @ 06/06/10 08:08 PM
used to ..mainly because there was nobody else competeing with them...though did like Hot Shots an awful lot! This year i see no really big additions so I will pass.
# 10 raynman @ 06/06/10 08:27 PM
Would gamers really not buy the game because of his affair? I feel like gamers wouldn't care as much about his personal life - we care more about the game (if it is good) than the person on the cover (as in, if Arod was on the cover of MLB 11 The Show, I would still buy it, even though I dislike Arod).

Not buying golf, though
# 11 SouthernBrick @ 06/06/10 09:04 PM
No interest.

Would be interested in tiger woods on the wii but, I don't have one so there is no interest this year.
# 12 steelpirate @ 06/06/10 09:35 PM
Originally Posted by Majoniak
Getting it, as I do every year.
# 13 statum71 @ 06/06/10 10:00 PM
I'm not a big enough golf fan to spend $60. I normally stay a year behind. I just got TW10 on eBay for $25.

It may be old but its new to me.
# 14 Nature_Boy @ 06/06/10 10:35 PM
Yes, I buy it every year.
# 15 Millennium @ 06/06/10 10:45 PM
Normally buy it every year for 360, but after playing it for Wii last year, the Wii version pick up is a no-brainer.
# 16 seriousluboy83 @ 06/06/10 10:51 PM
Boy that 68% of OSers are going to miss out TW PGA Tour is crazy fun and i don't even play golf...never have and prolly never will...but i kills some TW PGA
# 17 Dalsanto0026 @ 06/06/10 11:57 PM
Not this year.

I'm happy enough with TW10 on the Wii and haven't seen enough changes for TW11 to warrant a purchase. The poor ball physics - particularly on chip shots from around the green, still need to be addressed.

True View sounds good though.
# 18 Bolt957 @ 06/07/10 02:12 AM
Never owned it. I may rent it however. If its good then I may buy it.
# 19 boritter @ 06/07/10 02:57 AM
I'm not buying it because I've had bad experiences with the game in previous years. First I was disappointed with how few courses were in the 360 version compared to the Xbox 1 version. Then I got the iteration that introduced Gameface but EA's website had issues for so long that it was impossible to upload photos.
# 20 DivotMaker @ 06/07/10 06:05 AM
Originally Posted by Dalsanto0026
The poor ball physics - particularly on chip shots from around the green, still need to be addressed.

True View sounds good though.
Done. Playing TW11 PS3 and chipping and all ball physics are much improved.

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