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The FIFA dev team chimes in with some helpful hints to help players dominate the virtual game of 2010 FIFA World Cup, while the real tournament is happening.

"With the World Cup kicking off soon, players around the globe are gearing up for it with virtual tournaments, courtesy of EA's 2010 FIFA World Cup. It's quite a different game from FIFA 10, however, so if you're having trouble taking your chosen team to victory, a few pieces of sage advice from the team may make all the difference. We recently sat down with Santiago Jaramillo, lead gameplay producer for 2010 FIFA World Cup, and asked him to hit us with some must-know tips."

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# 1 therizing02 @ 06/07/10 10:24 AM
I have a tip for Santiago:

Programmed Momentum:

We as gamers are aware of the underlying programmed momentum and obvious scripting that EA has put into the game and are not happy about it. This programming trumps everything including player ratings and makes many of the results seem pre-determined. The dev team has made tremendous strides over the last 3 years to make FIFA the great game that it is today. Get the archaic cheesy programming out of the game and let the ratings of the players on the field determine the outcome of games.

That is all..
# 2 bigsmallwood @ 06/07/10 12:26 PM
I agree with the poster above me and also I think that EA should patch this game with an ability to universally lower pressure from the AI. It is extremely difficult to move the ball on Professional. And the CPU does have some sort of comeback code, should you be lucky enough to score!
# 3 Qb @ 06/07/10 04:48 PM
Maybe it's a matter of semantics, although he's referring to online in this instance:

Santiago Jaramillo: "This is a game where we've tried to make it so you have to stay more composed. If you try to keep the ball and play the easy passes and take possession away from your opponents online, then they seem to get a lot more rattled when they have the ball and turn the ball over more often because they don't have it that often, so I think keeping possession is a big one, as it is in a real life World Cup. And then take your chances when you get those one on ones with goal keeper."

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