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Two more teams have been announced for the NCAA Football 11 demo. Florida St. and Florida. Yesterday, Ohio St. and Miami were announced. 4 more teams will be announced later this week.

Check out the screenshots, right here.

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# 1 ODogg @ 06/08/10 09:47 AM
Thanks Steve, looks like I'll be using FSU! I wonder if they'll have the Chief on his warhorse come out to introduce them? Doubt it but that'd be so awesome if they did!!
# 2 Barkley7 @ 06/08/10 09:52 AM
Awesome. Those uni's look sweet.
Let's hope EA doesn't overrate FSU like they do every single year.. watch them get an A on offense and an A- on defense..
# 3 ODogg @ 06/08/10 09:56 AM
I'm sure FSU will be overrated badly, they always are.
# 4 TreyIM2 @ 06/08/10 09:59 AM
Ahhh, junk. FSU! Monday, Mondaaay...
# 5 GrnEyedBanditTN @ 06/08/10 10:00 AM
# 6 RoyalBoyle14 @ 06/08/10 10:02 AM
Shot looks sweet.
# 7 kindella2 @ 06/08/10 10:17 AM
So happy they are giving 4 sets of teams gives variety and something for everyone.
# 8 Hova57 @ 06/08/10 10:24 AM
damn sweet, and i don't care what anyone says they have just about all the mascots in the game we've seen so the way i see it they are saving the best for last.
# 9 seasprite @ 06/08/10 10:27 AM
Those FSU PC's are just darn sexy
# 10 gnyce4lyfe1973 @ 06/08/10 10:35 AM
Add two more teams and either one of these rivalries OU vs TEX, OU vs MICH, or USC vs ND....
# 11 Watson @ 06/08/10 10:37 AM

Book it.
# 12 icmOU72 @ 06/08/10 10:42 AM
well lets see. Florida is a spread option team right? maybe OU tx will be the next one and bama auburn?
# 13 seasprite @ 06/08/10 10:42 AM
Originally Posted by WatsonTiger

Book it.
I agree
# 14 Hova57 @ 06/08/10 10:45 AM
Originally Posted by ODogg
I'm sure FSU will be overrated badly, they always are.
actually our team wasn't overrated our coaches were, bobby in the late years was just bad coaching. the players were good, but they wasn't put into a position to win. lack of running game, defense was playing in a vanilla playbook. you'll see a big difference in the team this year i guarantee it.
# 15 J-Unit40 @ 06/08/10 10:54 AM
Me likey!

6 more days gentlemen!
# 16 Nature_Boy @ 06/08/10 10:56 AM
I like this match up much better than Ohio St/Miami. Looking forward to spending some time with this demo.
# 17 stoncold32 @ 06/08/10 10:56 AM
wow, 8 team demo?!??!?!

EA is either really proud of their product or they know this is almost a last chance to get their fans back.

Either way, that's pretty awesome
# 18 ODogg @ 06/08/10 10:59 AM
Hova57, i have always suspected that was the case but since I don't watch as much FSU football as some I didn't really know. I know one thing, I liked playing with FSU a few years ago when they had that Xavier Lee kid, he sucked in real life though didn't he? Whatever happened to him??
# 19 COACH WEBB @ 06/08/10 11:03 AM
# 20 Hova57 @ 06/08/10 11:06 AM
coach you can't forget the all white if its in the game when they play OU

only uniforms i'll be using is unconquered, PC, all garnet and all white if its in the game

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