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Gamespot has posted their WWE SmackDown! vs. Raw 2011 and WWE All Stars hands-on previews. Yes, that's 2 different games.

"THQ is shaking up its wrestling plans at the Electronic Entertainment Expo this year. The publisher will be unveiling not one but two WWE games at the show: WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011 (due later this fall) and the brand-new WWE All Stars, which is due for release in early 2011. While debuting two WWE games at the event might seem like a strange strategy, the two games are distinct enough--visually and otherwise--that there's little doubt you'd confuse one for the other. Last week, THQ representatives came by the GameSpot office to give us an exclusive look at both games ahead of E3 2010, and here's our hands-on report for both."

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# 1 they call me kevin @ 06/08/10 05:01 PM
Japan really needs to get on making new wrestling games so there is an alternative to this crap.
# 2 HealyMonster @ 06/08/10 05:48 PM
Im personally more interested in Career modes/Story mode, create a storyline improvements,etc. Physics sounds like it will improve gameplay enough, I dont think im really too worried about anything being sim or not realistic enough in my wwe games. Cant wait to hear what they show at E3
# 3 simgamer0005 @ 06/08/10 06:40 PM
WWE All-Stars is listed as coming out for 360, PS3, Nintendo Wii, PSP and......the PS2!!!!!!

Here is the PS2 gamespot page for WWE All Stars.


It looks like Madden 11 may not be the last PS2 game as was rumored. If they do release it on PS2, I hope they make it online.
# 4 LBzrule @ 06/08/10 07:24 PM
Hmmm I'm betting that All Stars game is going to be a blast to play. Maybe they will bring me back this year. I didn't get Smackdown vs Raw last year. Hopefully it will be great this year.
# 5 CarryTheWeight @ 06/08/10 07:36 PM
Too early to really say anything about SVR11, but I'm hoping the new physics bring it up to speed, so to speak. The fact that the DOR games all those years ago STILL have better physics is inexcusable. But we'll see what this means when the game comes out, it'll be great if Yukes even takes a small hint from the old DOR's and makes the physics engine truly unpredictable. It makes playing those old games much more fun knowing that you can break up moves just by running into the wrestler executing them, instead of SVR's canned animation system that still looks horribly dated in comparison (even to the DOR's!).

All-Stars, on the other hand...no thanks, at least for now. It looks like it's appealing to the fighter crowd, which may be interesting, but at the moment, I doubt it'll hold any long-standing appeal to the marks among us. I could be wrong, though. Ask me in four to six months.
# 6 PantherBeast_OS @ 06/08/10 07:50 PM
Svr 10 was decent but not as good as it was in the past. But I'm hoping they are doing something better with svr 11. I'm hoping weight detection makes a come back this year in sd vs raw 11. The all star game sounds to be nice new game to me. But I have my doubts right now. But I'm more focus on getting sd vs raw 11 then anything. Thanks for the if steveo.
# 7 LBzrule @ 06/08/10 08:28 PM
After watching that video All Stars looks a blast.
# 8 J_Posse @ 06/09/10 12:52 AM
I believe in this screenshot that Jericho is doing a Codebreaker off of the top of the ladder. But, like you guys mentioned I'm hoping that Yukes is using this engine for actual wrestle-to-wrestle interactions plus weight detection and not just on foreign objects. This series needs to be pushed forward gameplay-wise and this tech sounds like it could help.

# 9 Jukeman @ 06/11/10 11:40 AM
Yeah, I have no issues with doing a "Codebreaker" off a ladder or the Undertaker doing a "jumping chokeslam" heck, it could happen IRL(at a PPV) just dont get up after I land it 2 seconds later...

Those type of moves should result in a victory or 2.9 count at the least...

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