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IGN has posted their preview of Supremacy MMA.

"Kung Fu Factory isn't exactly a huge name in the world of videogame developers. They've worked with a long list of companies including EA, Activision, Ubisoft, Radical, Treyarch, and Sony to name just a few. Their portfolio of work includes a few Mortal Kombat titles, the original UFC game on Dreamcast and a largely unheralded role in making THQ's UFC Undisputed 2009 into the game that so many people enjoyed (the team did thousands of the animations that you see in the game).

Now, for the very first time in its history, Kung Fu Factory is creating a wholly original fighting game in the uber-popular Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) realm in the form of something called Supremacy MMA."

Edge has posted an interview with creative director Ricci Rukavina and executive producer Daryl Pitts to find out how they plan to gain a competitive edge over their big name rivals.

Edge: "Youíre working on a new MMA game. Can you sum up what itís all about?"

Ricci Rukavina: "Weíve recognised that itís a pretty interesting market because there arenít a lot of these types of games out there, itís really just UFC 2009 and now UFC 2010, so thereís a great opportunity for a team that has the experience and the passion to get into the space. For us, we knew exactly what we wanted to do, which was [to move] away from the simulation of the sport, which is what you can watch on TV or play in games right now. We want to offer more fast action and be much truer to how the sport actually originated over here back in the day and recognise the history of this no-holds-barred fighting. So weíre definitely going out there fists ready with a more brutal take on mixed martial arts and also showing a really big appreciation for the mixture of fighting styles."

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Member Comments
# 1 allBthere @ 06/10/10 10:24 PM
I"m totally down to try this out (after reading the article but under certain conditions).

Maybe these guys were the 'it' factor that made '09 great, and missing from '10 making it 'not so it'.

Great find btw.

I'm interested though about arcade vs simulation the developers are going for, or like people recently said about backbreaker 'simcade'.

I won't go for a pure arcade game though. If it's like a rapper fighting games, I'm out.

I'm totally in if they are actually competing with EA and THQ.

This almost sounds like the backbreaker of MMA. But speaking of BB,...I would love it if someone in combats sports stepped up and used euphoria in their game.

So...from what little we have it sounds interesting. I like the seedy 'underworld' aspect. Imagine some loser swearing at you online and you just snap his neck while the crowd goes wild! lol.

I hope from now until release we get more info and such and it doesn't become shrouded in secrecy.
# 2 delspf @ 06/11/10 02:28 AM
I think they have an excellent chance of putting out a good product. Especially if they are going to cater to the "sim" gamers with a legit indepth career mode.

Followed by the fact they aren't held back by any licenses, that could actually work in great favor for a career mode.

The arm breaking and such, sure that is nice. Its a part of what happens but I don't want to see every fight end like this. Yet knowing that stuff like this COULD happen during a match, that is legit.
# 3 allBthere @ 06/11/10 08:02 PM
Originally Posted by goh
Doesn't sound very sim to me. I'd perfer something that admits it's arcade as opposed to something that's trying to be sim but is really arcade.
I hear you, but think it could be cool if it's "sim" in the way it plays, but has more fantastical finishes lol. I'm down with simcade too, just not straight arcade, like those def jam games...if it's anything like that forget it.

If it "sims" a fake gritty underworld that's MMA but like acient rome in terms of it being 'to the death' or almost I think that could be cool. ...We've already go the UFC and EA's game coming, so I'm not opposed to something a little off-the-wall.

I can't remember, but what if there are no rounds or ref's? Then it would be until someone is ko'd, chocked out, dies, or has a vicious bone break.

I have actually wondered what fights would look like in the UFC NOW but with UFC 1 rules...? No gloves, no rounds, whatever clothing you feel comfortable in, but with these newer well-rounded athletes. It would change fights that's for sure.
# 4 nyj721 @ 06/12/10 08:11 PM
Sounds like Blitz:The League for MMA.
# 5 LingeringRegime @ 06/13/10 11:50 PM
Looking forward to trying this out.
# 6 delspf @ 06/14/10 05:03 AM
Originally Posted by goh
I'm imagining something like the Fight Club game but much better done. I kinda liked that game. It wasn't a technical masterpiece and there only 3 movesets but it was still fun to see what was possible,I think this will have at least that same appeal to see what's possible.

This comment from the Edge interview is certianly intresting:
This explains why there are like 5 KO animations in UFC 2010 lol.

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