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# 1 HealyMonster @ 06/14/10 03:31 PM
I'll tell ya thats one heck of a trailer. They did a good job on that
# 2 bigsmallwood @ 06/14/10 03:33 PM
Nice trailer...Updated gameplay videos would be nice.
# 3 MrSkagTrendy @ 06/14/10 04:11 PM
# 4 canes21 @ 06/14/10 04:17 PM
Too bad thats not a playable camera view. I loved it in 2k5. Also, whats happened to the NFL? There was only like 5 people waiting to interview the players when they got off the bus.
# 5 Atomic Martian @ 06/14/10 04:20 PM
PUMPED!!!!! but then I realize franchise was never touched lol..... oh well baby steps i guess.
# 6 ZoneKIller @ 06/14/10 04:23 PM
Hey is this all thats going to be shown at E3? If so Id like to know so I can play The Show.Getting bored with E3
# 7 Hassan Darkside @ 06/14/10 04:33 PM
It was alright but nothing impressed me at all. I guess I was kinda expecting a fast-paced highlight real type trailer, this wasn't it.
# 8 Valdarez @ 06/14/10 04:33 PM
What are they doing using BackBreakers camera view? jk Good vid to hype the game. Want to see more gameplay.
# 9 Captain Obvious @ 06/14/10 04:38 PM
looks like the trailer did its job, hyping this up, lol at people pumped, for what?
# 10 Tweeg @ 06/14/10 04:40 PM
That was a cool trailer but it has nothing to do with how the game will actually be played. The pregame locker room/tunnel stuff was cool too. Unfortunately, I bet that's the same animation you will get before every game, and it will become quite stale.
# 11 SouthernBrick @ 06/14/10 05:08 PM
Nice trailer.

Better than them actual gameplay trailers. They should just stick to trailers like that for now on.
# 12 K_GUN @ 06/14/10 05:31 PM
Originally Posted by kcxiv
the big they showed on E3 right now didnt look good at all. Looks the same to me. I guess i just wont ever like it until they make the game flow and move better.

right on cue
# 13 SteelerSpartan @ 06/14/10 05:39 PM
Well that gave me a big fat MEH..........

way to push the dial
# 14 PantherBeast_OS @ 06/14/10 08:19 PM
The only thing I got a beef with is that the video of game footage looked choppy and laggy like ncaa 11 demo is. I mean what's up with that.
# 15 xX CASCABEL Xx @ 06/14/10 08:30 PM
I just hope they fix all the borken game play, I'm not going to go through the trouble of listing them as they are all very well documented at this site and several others throught the Madden community.

If game play is not fixed we might as well Birds and Butterflys added along with Sugar Plums.
# 16 PacMan3000 @ 06/14/10 08:31 PM
What was that mode in the 2K games where you played in the first-person? That's what the trailer reminded me of.
# 17 boooey @ 06/14/10 08:41 PM
unless this is actual gameplay (which it most likely is not), I don't know how you guys continually fall for EA's marketing videos year after year.

I used to fall for these scripted previews back in the old days when i was a kid.. (man, i still remember seeing the CGI trailer for Daytona racing on the Sega Saturn, and thought that the game was actually gonna look like that, lol)

I just want to see the actual game at this point.. i am so done with the EA marketing machine.
# 18 bo4345 @ 06/14/10 08:45 PM
Big presentation upgrade on both games this year it looks like, I'm kind of pumped. But I don't have a ticket for the hype train yet .
# 19 Mr. Franchise @ 06/14/10 08:47 PM
Too bad this won't even be in the game. :/
# 20 green94 @ 06/14/10 08:49 PM
Imagine if the sidelines ACTUALLY looked like that.

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