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# 1 Jono078 @ 06/15/10 09:02 PM
Nice find.

It will be cool to play 3-3 I'm sure.

Just don't like how affective the boosts seem and that they can be purchased to give a player a fairly big advantage.
# 2 RayAllen20 @ 06/15/10 09:27 PM
Gus Johnson sounds good.
# 3 Marino @ 06/15/10 09:49 PM
This will be a mode that I never play.
# 4 jdr4693 @ 06/15/10 10:00 PM
This will be a mode that I never play.
# 5 PantherBeast_OS @ 06/15/10 10:13 PM
Nice video. I might play it if I can find 3 friends who want to play it.
# 6 Pakeege10 @ 06/15/10 10:17 PM
This should be on something like Madden Arcade...No one plays this! Really. It looks good on paper, but hey.....................When In Rome!!!!
# 7 Greene_Flash03 @ 06/15/10 10:51 PM
# 8 Bash @ 06/15/10 11:49 PM
Video unavailable :'(
# 9 Senator Palmer @ 06/15/10 11:57 PM

Here's a link to the page, Bash, and anyone else if the vid's not showing up.
# 10 TDogg09 @ 06/16/10 01:00 AM
Originally Posted by NavigatorD83
Anyone else notice at the end when flacco threw the TD they had a cut scene where he is on the sidelines, and then they go back to the end of the play? I hope thats not what were are going to see
It's just the way they edited the footage.
# 11 HealyMonster @ 06/16/10 01:12 AM
I dont understand this feature. I mean historically, Madden is unplayable against randoms, now not only would I have to come up with 3 other people to play, or 2, but then I have to get trusting guys on my team or go at it alone.

These guys are looking at "online" like its prime real estate, but really its just a run down beat up neighborhood filled with crackheads. I dont get it.

What I also dont get is how this hasn't happened: "Last year you guys implemented Online Franchise, how did you guys improve that going into Madden11?" You mean to tell me on all these interviews that question isnt asked? Obviously all of the interviewers are catering to the development team. I dont understand how people arent more curious as to how a 3 on 3 mode and gameflow account for a whole development.
# 12 skinnybonez @ 06/16/10 01:13 AM
# 13 Exonerated @ 06/16/10 01:31 AM
Originally Posted by Germaino Insano
why wont madden improve the gameplay?
This is all they improved this year...
# 14 Exonerated @ 06/16/10 01:32 AM
Originally Posted by Jimixiii
not interested in this feature at all. but i wonder if receivers will be able to just run wild and still connect a pass without a problem & why did they think the bonus thing would be a good idea?
Because the bonus thing is available in every other team play sports game....

If i score 5 goals in FIFA, I get maybe +2 shooting...
# 15 marktwain77 @ 06/16/10 02:51 AM
While this seems like a neat idea in an abstract sense, I just don't think football, ESPECIALLY on offense, lends itself to co-op play.

In games like NHL, for example, the team play is awesome because EVERY PLAYER is involved the entire time. If you control the wingers, you are skating round, doing things. If you control the defensemen you are ALSO skating around, doing things. Goalie is a little different but it is also very specialized. In short, games like hockey, soccer, and basketball lend themselves VERY WELL to co-op because everyone feels INVOLVED.

In football, plays are essentially scripted, with a minimum of freelancing allowed (by the coach I mean!) While I think this mode COULD be somewhat cool on defense, since you can actually use ANY of the available players and cause some disruption, on offense I can see it not being very fun at all.

For one thing, almost half the team is unplayable (OL). This is too bad, because it could actually be fun to play as the guard and smash the opposing players like a bulldozer (especially when they just freelance and leave enormous gaping cutback holes for your user controlled RB). But being limited to skill positions essentially means that someone is getting left out every play, whereas the OL is in on EVERY play and someone really good at OL play could make things extremely interesting.

On defense, everyone is LIVE on every play, so I can see it being WAY more fun than co-op offense. Everyone gets to be involved on every down.

I don't know if you can still do this, but older Maddens used to let you control ANY player on offense as well as defense. I tried controlling the WR for a while, but running routes and getting the ball 4 or 5 times an entire game is BORING and people will constantly DNF on you during these games when they don't get the ball every other play.

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