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# 1 noshun @ 06/16/10 04:24 AM
checking out now
# 2 str8artist @ 06/16/10 06:09 AM
Damn, You did it again family... Man I did not even know you had all that weaponry to your disposal in 2k in the post. WoW! No complaints here you were dead on on this one my man. What live did good 2k did it better.
# 3 tabulaRasa @ 06/16/10 06:31 AM
Funny things is that EA puts a trademark on their "innovations", while 2K have tones of stuff most casuals donīt know about. Letīs see what 2k11 brings.
# 4 23 @ 06/16/10 10:34 AM
Fantastic stuff Czar as usual... You need to get paid for this stuff
# 5 ehh @ 06/16/10 10:50 AM
Good stuff, a lot of effort as always and much appreciated.

Bball games are so in depth, I do think more than just rebounding, passing and OBC should go into a game play score. There are so many more key elements.
# 6 Da_Czar @ 06/16/10 11:04 AM
Originally Posted by ehh
Good stuff, a lot of effort as always and much appreciated.

Bball games are so in depth, I do think more than just rebounding, passing and OBC should go into a game play score. There are so many more key elements.
I agree there will be a bit more in the next show but next year if everything works out I plan to start earlier and cover more. Should be a great year for it since elite is apparently much improved.

Some stuff it's harder to categorize especially if the opposition doesn't have any to score it against.

Take for instance 2k's dual player control how the he'll do you compare that to what live doesn't have in that area. Until elite gets better it would probably just look like I'm giving 2 k too many points. Lol

One thing that worries me is that some of last years reviewers scored the games too closely if you start talking about the stuff I pointed out plus association plus NBA today plus my player I have no idea how a reviewer could have these two games for 2010 so close., What if elite adds those things and they were only down a point or two from last year does that automatically make them better because the have a complete game now ? Of course not,but the reviewers scoring logic from year to year may not be able to take that Into account and because of the score they gave them last year it could effect the review scores in 2011
# 7 ehh @ 06/16/10 11:09 AM
I agree. I wasn't knocking you btw, just pointing it out. It's not easy to do this stuff and you put a ton of time and effort into it.
# 8 Da_Czar @ 06/16/10 11:23 AM
Originally Posted by ehh
I agree. I wasn't knocking you btw, just pointing it out. It's not easy to do this stuff and you put a ton of time and effort into it.
I would never take it as that coming from you Ehh. Constructive improvment suggestions are always welcome. Always looking to improve. Plus I am always concerned about going to much in depth or taking to long on a subject so when people say hey we could use a bit more there... it helps. I never want to have a super stagnat show where your waiting for the darn thing to end LOL
# 9 sportyguyfl31 @ 06/16/10 11:25 AM
its da czar its da czar its da czar..
# 10 23 @ 06/16/10 11:27 AM
You know the reviwers never go into that much depth. Thats the main reason why people should form their own opinions although I dont know too many people that base buying their sports games off of an IGN review.

Maybe that Shaq test review did but thats something 2k doesnt have to worry about ever again
# 11 bigsmallwood @ 06/16/10 02:50 PM
Great work!
# 12 BobbyColtrane @ 06/16/10 08:36 PM
wow i never realized the off ball stuff you could do on offense and defense in 2k...how do you do that stuff in terms of pushing off, etc.?
# 13 tril @ 06/16/10 11:03 PM
I think I have to buy the 2k10 manual. 2k has so many features I know nothing about until I see game break downs like this.
# 14 youvalss @ 06/16/10 11:06 PM
You don't need to buy the manual, you can download it here:

(Go to the "downloads" section)
# 15 Da_Czar @ 06/17/10 03:58 PM
What's happening Daley7199 ? I see you don't enjoy the battleground series. Definitely not a problem. Thanks for your concern on how I spend my time. I think you may be missing the reason behind these videos. They are not meant to sway anyone. In fact the users at OS are some of the MOST knowledgeable anywhere in the world. No one's review means more to them than their own.

There is nothing else of substance to really respond to that you wrote. Thanks for watching the show though.
# 16 cmehustle @ 06/17/10 04:21 PM
i think czar does a good job of objectively looking at both games. i believe actually the live team got with him for live 10 to get his opinion on a few things for their game as well. so i dont believe he is a 2k fan boy. neither am i but there really is no denying the fact that 2k has been a better game than live hands down for at least five years now. if u 'prefer' live than so be it, but i think your in the minority on that one buddy
# 17 23 @ 06/17/10 05:27 PM
Originally Posted by daley7199
What you fail to realize Czar is that all this effort you exhaust does nothing more than substantiate your own beliefs and those of your deciples. What your doing amounts to nothing more than comparing Vanilla to Chocolate ice cream and asking which is better.

It doesn't matter if 2k has some content that Live may not have or vice versa. What you fail to address is personal preferance. I prefer Lives style of play and presentation over 2k and it is as simple as that. I could care less about which game has more animations in the paint or which game's Kobe looks better.

As far as I am concerned EA is the only basketball game that actually is improving with each year while I feel 2k is the same game as it was back in 2k7. I didn't like how it controlled then and I still don't. So really in sumation your efforts on these videos are a complete waste of time. All you are doing is preaching to the choir and those who, like me prefer Live, will certainly not have a change of heart based on your videos.

Sorry but epic fail to you Czar. Question: Do you actually think any 2k fans will switch to elite, even if elite is proven to be far superior to 2k11............................................it s rhetorical Czar but we both know the answer to that question, don't we.
These shows arent about swaying, and has really become a pretty popular favorite show here on the site.

I think that the claims of most authentic is best put to the test in these videos and you see the level of detail in one or the other as a result. Videogame site reviews never go into this much meat and potatoes of what the games bring, shoot as you can read some people didnt even know you could do the backdown without the ball in the post, etc...

Point being, its hardly a waste of time and it should be things we consider when delving into the conversations we have here when we're asking for this or that in games from what we see on tv.

After all, we all want that virtual guy,arena,gm task, crowd, etc. to be pretty close enough to give us a surreal experience dont we?
# 18 MarvellousOne @ 06/17/10 06:23 PM
Nice videos Czar! Been waiting to see round 4 get posted up, and you managed to show me a lot that I have not attempted or seen in 2K10 since I have been playing, makes me want to pick up and try all these mechanics out. Great vids man all of them.
# 19 JkA3 @ 06/17/10 07:32 PM
Czar - what's up playa! I see dayley7199 got a little hurt...but most of the live and 2k fans appreciate the videos. If we didn't, we wouldn't watch them, and we surely wouldn't waste our time commenting. If I were to watch more than one of your videos, and comment negatively, I'd ask Steve_OS to change my user name to *****. Pure and simple, if you don't like it...don't watch it...surely don't watch it all.

Anyway, both live and 2k fans admit that both games are different, one more advanced in most areas, but both still solid games. I purchase both each year, so I can make that comment.

Anyway, keep up the good work.

# 20 23 @ 06/18/10 12:58 AM
Originally Posted by daley7199
First off we ARE talking about video games so lets use the term "Authentic Sparingly" In fact the only persons qualified to judge on Authenticity would be a real NBA player. Aside from authenticity there are far more crucial factors that come into play. Lets take for instance how 2k has been releasing virtually the same game since 2k7. Is it acceptable to charge 60$ for a glorified roster update? Lets talk about how a major part of the game was non functional out of the box ( online play). Lets talk about how 2k has some of the worst support in the business. None of this show up in these showdown videos.

I'm sorry but as far as I am concerned 2k has done nothing to improve upon this game over the past few years and I refuse to pay 60$ for poor quality, poor customer support, and a game that amounts to a glorified roster change.

I will stick with EA b/c IMHO they are actually making strides to improve the game and they actually are making substantial changes to the game and this year is a testament to that dedication. EA fans have alot to look forward to and I am sure we will have alot to be happy about. For 2k fans, well, You have Mike Wang back................You have Jordan on your box art......................so basically you will be playing 2k7 again with jordan in the game............................OH, I am so excited.................NOT!

Im no 2k police or anything but for the fact that you're sitting here vouching for a company that released the worst basketball game ever in Live 2007, a terrible game in Live 2008, a stiff game with limited animations in live 09 and a broke game in Live 10 along with burning fans with a ridiculous game in NCAA 10 that got no patch that freezes on everybody and got no answer from EA...

This tells me sir that quality doesnt mean the same to me and you.

I dont care what game it is, as long as its good, but its laughable that you're sitting here telling us about quality when 2k is selling millions while EA is changing their name and bringing in a hockey guy to try to get people to like their game again.

Im sorry man, but these posts are completely ridiculous to me.

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